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Weight Loss Strategies: Challenges and Lifestyles

Strategize For Your Reward

When it comes to the decision to commit to losing weight, you are really determining if the reward is greater than the need.   If you are still searching for help to reach your optimal weight through online resources (and reading this post), then you will benefit from the simple basics of Reset Your Weight.

There’s two ways that I approach fat loss or body weight loss based on time commitment:

Lifestyle Reset

Challenge Reset
Focus on gut health and habits using real foods for sustainable weight loss and management Immediate weight loss and food freedom from cravings and moodiness by stabilizing blood sugar levels
·         Explore food flavors and similar tastes ·         Most lose at least 5 pounds in a week and many inches around the waistline (fat loss)
·         Incorporate any number of basics, with more of a focus on transitioning to real food ·         Eliminate food cravings within 2 days by stabilizing blood sugar levels
·         Longer term, approximately 3 months to repopulate and establish a stable microbiome (body weight loss) ·         Eat real, unprocessed foods to boost the body’s natural detox abilities and metabolism
·         Re-balance the body’s circadian rhythms, hormones, and decrease chronic inflammation ·         Burn stored body fat and experience enormous amounts of physical energy
·         Learn real food menu planning basics to automate healthy habits and food preparation techniques ·         Discover the power of probiotics and bone broth for energy and nourishment
·         Burn fat and carbs for energy, improving metabolism ·         Banish bloat and belly fat
·         The “turtle” in Aesop’s Fable: slow and steady wins the race ·         The “hare” in Aesop’s Fable: quick losses for immediate rewards

The quickest reward for losing weight and inches is the Challenge Reset because it is designed to shrink and burn stored fat.  You will see visual results within two days and have boundless energy as your body literally burns its own fat stores.fat loss, weight loss, healthy, habits, results

If that is motivation enough for you, then be excited about how this will jump start and catapult your weight loss journey.  Know that, however, it is similar to an elimination diet; being creative with bone broth, veggies, and lean protein will continue to reward you for as long as you can go!


Sure, you can use the Challenge Reset to drop pounds to get into a smaller pair of jeans and then go back to your current foods.  The weight and loss of energy will eventually return, in which case you can continually Challenge yourself again.

But, that cycle will stop being rewarding for you, both emotionally and physically.  You will come to dread resetting your weight, especially because you will long for the boundless amounts of pure energy and the feeling of stability that comes from eating the Challenge foods.

It’s a quick fix, a teaser, to something greater, better, and sustainable that after the experience you realize is doable-and even fun, on your own terms using healthy, real food.

Habits and Food Behaviors

The key to working with habit formation is in keeping it simple and making it as automatically predictable as possible.   This is based on several cognitive and learning theories that I have repeatedly put into practice and researched for maximizing gains over nearing two decades.

While attention to a behavior or task changes the brain due to the expectation of a reward (Rock, Your Brain At Work), it is the process of creating patterns that accompanies these changes psychologically as it interacts with experience (Caine, 12 Brain/Mind Learning Principles).

In relation to food and eating habits, you can start to assimilate new behaviors by using similar tastes and visual cues (ref. Haber, 1969).  The saying, a picture is worth a thousand words, is crucial to taking the load off the brain’s decision-making processor.  I have a plethora of strategies that capitalize on the strength of the easy on the eyes visual processing loop to assimilate healthy into the familiar.

There are 2 essential brain processes: patterning and neuroplasticity, both of which can be influenced and affected by food and lifestyle choices (Willis, How Your Child Learns Best).  Noticing emotions beforehand and then labeling the behavior and/or triggers is one step to creating the right expectations by focusing on increased “possible rewards” to strengthen the new connections.

Author James Clear has a series on habit formation, in which he highlights research demonstrating the effectiveness of a single focus task for achieving parts of a long term goal.  Read his articles: The Scientific Argument for Mastering One Thing at a Time and The Domino Effect: How to Create a Chain Reaction of Good Habits.  To quote the relationship between behavior and action in what Clear refers to as the “domino effect”:

“First, many of the habits and routines that make up our daily lives are related to one another. There is an astounding interconnectedness between the systems of life and human behavior is no exception. The inherent relatedness of things is a core reason why choices in one area of life can lead to surprising results in other areas, regardless of the plans you make.

“Second, the Domino Effect capitalizes on one of the core principles of human behavior: commitment and consistency…. The core idea is that if people commit to an idea or goal, even in a very small way, they are more likely to honor that commitment because they now see that idea or goal as being aligned with their self-image.”

Make no mistake: the foods you eat impact your ability to think clearly, make healthy choices, and influence your ability to reset your weight and change eating habits.  The inner conflict over meals and especially snacks is a real “battle,” not imaginary.

Most of us have used food for the purpose other than nourishment for years; let’s change that pattern: it is time to use healthy foods to facilitate positive changes in behavior and weight.

Once food cravings, mood swings, and blood sugar issues are resolved, you’d be amazed at the unbiased attention readily available for healthier eating habits and finding new flavors.   This makes a slow or steady transition to a Lifestyle Reset rewarding on multiple levels, keeping the biological and physiological needs met in order to build a firm foundation of sustainable weight loss.

Challenges for a Lifestyle Change

Taking a person’s life goals and breaking them down into “bite sized” actions is my “sugar.”  I have organized and developed thousands of plans that have been adapted successfully by the individual, and often times with other team members that work directly with them each day (and sometimes night).

Success comes from really knowing a client’s habits-which are best described as preferences and strengths, and then building rewards directly into their familiar in order to retain automaticity as much as possible.

I thought about my life, natural affinity and love of case management and program development based on the awesome clients I have had the privilege to support on their life journeys.  I took time to evaluate how to incorporate my love of real food and enthusiasm for bone broth and fermented foods; online coaching is a means of effectively connecting my passions to a specific purpose.

fermentation, metabolism, bone broth, probiotics, macronutrients, enzymes, bacteriaFor example, Daily Resets are determined by the time of day to create a predictable pattern for the brain, based on the body’s nutritional need, to naturally trigger a dopamine response to reward the new weight loss action.

Since the Daily Resets are based on scientific evidence from various leading nutritionists, MDs, and PhDs in their respective fields, you can know that food plus target weight issue will lead to improvement.

With the safe and effective quick weight loss on the Challenge Reset by stabilizing blood sugar levels and eating proportional protein-carb meals, the introduction of Daily Resets in the Lifestyle Reset begins chunking, or grouping, food patterns with target goals for continued weight loss.

weight loss, healthy eating, fermentation, soup meals, bone broth, quality complex carbohydratesWithin the Lifestyle Reset are the options of the Daily Resets as well as the Re-Cycle Plan that will bring you through three cycles of eating habits using a variety of meals, bone broth uses, and flavors of probiotics to:

  • heal your specific gut microbiome,
  • replenish nutrients,
  • and optimize your body’s systems so that maintaining a healthy weight is a well-rehearsed, enjoyable lifestyle.

Assess and “Feed” Strengths

Finding the familiar patterns in your day is the best strategy for bridging the time span required for lasting weight loss changes.  While the Challenge Reset will show visible weight loss results within a few days and over a week, it is similar to many other “diet” plans for quick losses because it is based more on the elimination of fat and inflammatory producing foods.

If it were that easy to stop eating processed, refined flour-sugar foods, then the struggle to maintain a healthy weight would not be so weighty!  Read how one Basic Meal will change your relationship with food and your waistline.

Reset Your Weight takes a different approach, with preferences as a baseline for developing new habits that become sustainable by incorporating and eating real foods to create the needed changes.

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