Weight Loss Goals

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Reset Your Weight takes the best from proven, effective diets and meal plans, placing the focus on digestive health in order to repair and improve gut health.  Real food can be used by the whole body for weight loss to:

  • detoxify,
  • heal,
  • provide energy, and
  • supply much needed nutrition

If there was an easy way and a hard way to lose weight, which one would you choose?

Sustainable Weight Loss Plans:

  • Gut health focus
  • Anti-inflammatory foods
  • High fiber (resistant starch and soluble fiber) from unprocessed, whole grain foods
  • Quality protein with moderate vegetable carbohydrates
  • “Living Foods” from raw ingredients
  • Healthy fats

real food, diet, weight loss

Does this sound like a lot? Reset Your Weight combines all of these accurate, healthy foods into one meal using basic bone broth and “living” fermented foods, without following an extensive or regimented plan or even using the term “diet.”

I like the direction that the neuroscience Ph.D blogger, Darya Rose, and author of Foodist takes the movement toward weight loss as a “healthstyle.”

Most people find that it’s easier to “reset” every once and a while instead of completely overhauling your life around certain foods for weight loss.

There are diets and food plans that highlight the importance of incorporating bone broth into recipes, like the popular Whole30 and Paleo diets.  Identifying your personal tastes and preferences, however, will help you to combine the amazing benefits of any food plan as a lifestyle.

You need to enjoy what you are eating in order to eat it in the first place! Read Food Needs to Be Tasty for Weight Loss to learn how intricately linked taste is to pleasure.

In fact, a real food lifestyle will actually save you money because your body will be able to utilize all the nutrition effectively.  Hint: a healthy gut, probiotics, and real foods are key here!

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Quick Goal Success

Want to lose weight quickly, which will most likely be water weight and fat? Eat meals of bone broth soups loaded with veggies (carbs and fiber) and meats or beans (protein and fats) topped with a fermented food or probiotic juices (fermented red onion, fermented garlic, sauerkraut).

This Basic Meal will start to regulate your hormones, decrease inflammation, and boost your metabolism- all the most common weight gain and plateau issues! 

Think you will need to eat more than just this Basic Meal of soup? No, but there is much debate over successful long term weight loss and the role of carbohydrates.  The deciding factor has to do with your blood sugar levels and how your body extracts fuel from the food Decide for yourself after reading this post.

One meal can make a difference and this one is loaded with everything your body needs to stabilize blood sugar and burn fat for weight loss success.  I Challenge you!

Read more about the Basic Meal here and get started losing weight today!

Explore Flavor

Real, fermented foods are much cheaper than a supplement and provide billions-if not trillions, more bacteria that are also accompanied by nutrients, minerals, essential amino acids, and acid for digestion.

And the taste…mmmm! Fermented foods and cultured dairy like kefir, buttermilk, soured cream, kimchi, pickles, sauerkraut, and miso have been around for CENTURIES!

“Even the healthiest food has to be broken down and absorbed by the right combination of digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid.

While balancing the gut microbiome is challenging, there are foods that help to influence diversity in the gut microbiome.  Adding in bone broth, kefir, and kombucha are foods that help to influence the bacteria in your belly…” –Food Matters@FoodMattersFilm

probiotic drink water kefir second ferment carbonation

The best part about probiotic foods (and drinks like the kefir and kombucha referenced above) and bone broth is how it changes what seems like an obsession with how you interact with food.  This is the foundation for Reset Your Weight and you can read an in-depth post about this here.

Specifically, many plans and diets have you monitoring or following strict schedules, which is time consuming and causing you to spend even more focused energy on thinking about food.  How tiring!


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Gut and Brain Health

Bone broth and fermented foods will do the brain work for you, changing your perception of food and your desire to eat less nutritious and sugary foods.

Research has proven there is a direct link between the emotional brain and food.  Read a more detailed description about that in The Gut, Brain, and Added Bacteria and Where Tradition and Research Intersect at Weight Loss.  The brain needs fuel to run the body!

Think the brain needs only glucose as fuel, which is found in carbohydrate sources? Learn about “the other fuel” in these two Dr. Axe posts: Ketogenic Diet Benefits and Top 6 Benefits of the Keto Diet

Here’s some key points in a recent New York Times article, Can the Bacteria in Your Gut Explain Your Mood? (Yes, by the way):

“Since 2007, when scientists announced plans for a Human Microbiome Project to catalog the micro-organisms living in our body, the profound appreciation for the influence of such organisms has grown rapidly with each passing year. Bacteria in the gut produce vitamins and break down our food;”

“In 2011, a team of researchers at University College Cork, in Ireland, and McMaster University, in Ontario, published a study in Proceedings of the National Academy of Science that has become one of the best-known experiments linking bacteria in the gut to the brain.

“For several weeks, the team, led by John Cryan, the neuroscientist who designed the study, fed a small group of healthy rodents a broth infused with Lactobacillus rhamnosus, a common bacterium that is found in humans and also used to ferment milk into probiotic yogurt.

What did they feed the rats?  Broth with probiotics!

“It has long been known that much of our supply of neurochemicals — an estimated 50 percent of the dopamine, for example, and a vast majority of the serotonin — originate in the intestine, where these chemical signals regulate appetite, feelings of fullness and digestion.

gut health, nytimes, bacteriaI’ll end with this final quote on the emotional connection between the gut and the brain.  This above article concludes that, ‘‘If you transfer the microbiota from one animal to another, you can transfer the behavior.’’

This is a tad scary because if you have a society of people eating the same foods, then this implies that their behaviors are yours are similar through the gut-brain connection.  Food for thought…

Be different. Break the bond with food through bone broth and fermented foods and free yourself from the behavior that tells you to keep eating everything.

Yes, in the beginning, I will stress fermented foods. But, when the beneficial bacteria rule the roost, you’ll find your own pattern of knowing when to add more in order to keep the status quo healthy in your gut.   There can be freedom in food.  Try it.  I challenge you with the Challenge Reset!

Want an easier start to a healthy gut without overhauling your diet just yet? I’m in love with my Plexus products-a complete package for establishing a healthy gut… and weight loss, too.

Interested in learning about using Plexus for a healthy gut? Purchase from my shop and I’ll coach you all the way, using supplements, real food, and lifestyle changes as you are ready! [inbound_button font_size=”15″ color=”#1f2652″ text_color=”#ffffff” icon=”” url=”www.shopmyplexus.com/amandavdw” width=”” target=”_blank”]Shop Now[/inbound_button]


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Reset Your Weight

My goal at Reset Your Weight is to help you find where you are struggling and offer real food solutions to maximize your weight loss success.

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