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Love Food and Enjoy It 

fermentation tools, AVanDeWege, authorCountless cookbooks, famous chefs, videos and TV shows make food a tasty art. While everything they make may taste good, not everything that tastes good is good for your waistline.  Fortunately, there is an easy way to lose weight with food using two simple traditional foods.

Have you tried many, or just a few, other diets or plans with minimal or not long-lasting results?  That’s OK!  Start by thinking about what aspects of those plans did work for you.  I like to call doing that finding “the best of the best.”  Discard the rest and keep the best!

That said, there’s more than one way to reset your weight with food; I can offer you three places to start to change your attitude and behavior toward food, which is done easily through the incorporation of probiotics.  In the gut, the byproduct of the good probiotic, beneficial bacteria is the creation of the complex B vitamins-which are known as the happy vitamin for their mood boosting properties!

Do you already have a healthy relationship with food, but just need to target some problem weight gain issues?  Daily Resets are designed to break through the three common weight gain and plateau areas: Hormones, Inflammation, and Metabolism (HIM), by using food at key points in your day.

Effortless Weight Loss

Do you want to lose weight only for a little while before food starts moving the scale in the wrong direction…again? Didn’t think so!  Resetting your weight with food can be long lasting weight loss by using sustainable and healthy techniques while eating foods that you want and that your body will use effectively.

Be encouraged by this post, How To Stop Losing the Same Weight Over and Over Again.

The place we start is with the primary purpose with food: fuel for the body and mind and how it is absorbed in the digestive system; when that is in order, you can eat and love food without much change in your weight.

Protein and Fat With a Side of Carbs

healthy fat, broth, healthy eating, weight lossHomemade bone broth is almost the perfect food; it is loaded with protein, healthy fat, carbohydrates, minerals, and amino acids.  It is common knowledge now in weight loss circles that proteins are important to effective weight loss.

However, I have known many people that adopt a high protein diet plan to lose the weight but then spiral back up in weight after they complete that diet.

Part of the reason has to do with the ratios of protein:fat:carbs of your meals and the other part has to do with how your body utilizes the fuel.  Bone broth bridges both of those scenarios!

Paleo Leap has a great post, stating that even with the edible meats scraped off, bones still have protein and that, “by volume, the bone is close to 50% protein, more if you account for the connective tissue soaking in the soup pot.”

Preparing homemade bone broth is easy to do-especially in large batches that can be quickly taken out of the freezer and used immediately, and is the best low maintenance approach to weight loss.  It soothes the lining, is extremely nutrient-dense, and provides a great source of healthy fat that keeps you full longer.  The collagen rich broth acts like a work horse in your digestive system: detoxifying, healing, repairing the gut lining, and providing nutrients.

Its quality is incomparable to anything in today’s market and will, in fact, keep your food bill low as well as decrease your weight.  Bone broth detoxes the body in a mild manner while healing the digestive system, soothing joint pain with its anti-inflammatory properties, and boosting the skin’s beauty.

Many people find success with elimination diets, which are effective at resetting and targeting food sensitivities.  By adding bone broth as a staple to your food and drinks, it will then detox and heal the gut lining, allowing for the digestive system to handle those foods easier, later.

Want to know just how easy it is start losing weight with bone broth? Read this post, The Significance of Bone Broth and then start your own broth: Stove Top Broth.

Convinced that bone broth will help you but don’t want to make your own? (I use a powder daily and then cook with homemade broth). Check out this post for all your options!

Cultured, Probiotic Foods are Nutrient Dense

sourdough monkey bread

The word “cultured” signifies that there are “live, active” beneficial bacteria and or yeasts in the food which have been specifically added to preserve a food, and thereby changing it into a super food.   Sandor Katz, author of the international bestselling book, Wild Fermentation, introduces cultured, or fermented, foods as:

“Fermentation makes foods more nutritious, as well as delicious. Microscopic organisms – our ancestors and allies – transform food and extend its usefulness. Fermentation is found throughout human cultures. Hundreds of medical and scientific studies confirm what folklore has always known: Fermented foods help people stay healthy.”

Eat what you want, anytime.  Adding cultured foods into your daily or weekly meals or drinks will make that possible all while losing or maintaining weight loss.  I’ll even go as far as to say that you won’t even need to think about food in terms of weight management.  Yes, it can be done without having to follow “plans” or “programs” or even special menus.  You. In control.

Researchers are finding that probiotics can boost your mood as well, since the gut and brain have a symbiotic relationship.  Less work for you!

How do you get to that point?  Make the bulk of your foods “nutrient-dense.”  However, while bone broth is nutrient dense, it will get boring!

Spice things up with the amazing flavors and abundance of cultured foods.  Before you say, “Never heard of it,” think of these common foods: yogurt, sauerkraut, miso, cheese, chocolate, coffee, beer, and wine!

Fermented foods are excellent for weight loss because during the active process of fermentation, the bacteria and yeast break down the aspects of food that leads to weight gain, like sugars and nutrients that impede or slow down digestion.

fermented cranberry sauce, healthy food, rawAt the same time, fermentation triggers the release of beneficial nutrients like vitamins, enzymes, and amino acids not readily available without the help of the “good” bacteria.  Other names for cultured food is fermented and probiotic, although not all fermented or cultured food is probiotic;  probiotic foods are usually in their raw form (think vegan) but with the added live, beneficial bacteria.

The strong presence of these beneficial bacteria in the digestive system (along with the benefits of the bone broth) over time increases weight loss and then stabilizes the body at a healthy weight.  Cultured foods are so much more nutrient dense that while you will probably eat less food, your body is actually absorbing and using its fuel more efficiently.

Small Changes, Big Impact

gut health, weight loss
Jan. 1st
digestive health, gut health, probiotic
Jan 13th

These are not “Go big or go home” weight loss foods, either.  Eat what you want.

But…if you want to lose weight with food and not exercise, then I’d recommend finding at least one or two “live, active” cultured food or drink to add into what you are already enjoying.

For example, the cultured dairy food of whole milk, plain (low sugar) yogurt is not only proven to decrease belly fat, it actually works behind the scenes in positively altering your genes for better health.

Research has proven that when blood sugar levels remain stable (remember, fermentation decreases a food’s sugar content), the body’s hormone levels respond favorably as well; these small changes will have the biggest impact on weight loss.

Find Your Reset with the Basics

Explore these Reset Basics and get started with Weight Loss Resets.  Want a quick fat loss? Do the Challenge Reset.

Are you more of a slow and steady type of person, wanting to overhaul some or all of your relationship with food?  Learn how to let the food you eat motivate you in the Lifestyle Reset.

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