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How To Stop Losing The Same Weight Over and Over Again

Sometimes Weight Loss is Complicated

In the course of losing weight, it is not uncommon for people to reach weight loss plateaus or to even gain some weight back.  This can be especially frustrating when you have made food choices that are healthier, like eating less processed meals and refined flour or sugar products.

It’s like you body is throwing a toddler temper tantrum and you’ve tried to just stick it out, but the issue is not getting any easier.  Analyzing the root of the problem reveals that many of these weight plateaus and gains are caused by one or more of these three common issues, which I’ve made the acronym H.I.M:

H= Hormonal imbalances

I= Inflammation, chronic and systemic

M= Metabolism and digestive issues

Finding Balance

While all healthy foods are excellent for the body in general, combining a specific food with the body’s natural rhythms targets the weight issue and works to correct imbalances and tends to have a greater impact.

For example, inflammation is in the middle of the acronym and rightly so because it is usually in the middle of all health problems and weight gain issues.   Incorporating specific foods that are loaded with nutrients and enzymes that the body uses to specifically reduce or eliminate the body’s response to either or both systemic or chronic inflammation, and then eating more of them at a time when the body can maximize those effects, is a great advantage.

The best time to boost the body’s ability to decrease inflammation is the morning.  The body has spent all night flushing and removing toxins from the body and is ready for quick energy that requires little digestion.  In the Daily Reset Your Morning, these foods will help move the toxins from the body, get the blood and digestive tract flowing smoothly, and provide easy to digest nutrients and energy for both the brain and body.

Raw veggies, fruits, and nuts and seeds are loaded with the necessary nutrients and enzymes required of the body to digest them and they also alkalize the body, which greatly relieves and targets inflammation.

Read more about the significance of anti-inflammatory foods for optimal health in this Dr. Mercola article, Conditions Shown to Benefit From a Ketogenic Diet: “When you keep net carbs low, your body switches to burning fat for fuel and your liver begins to convert some of that fat into ketone bodies. This is endogenous production, meaning that they are made by your body from your fat stores or from the fats in the foods that you eat.”

Then, if you choose a Daily Reset Your Afternoon to follow this mild cleanse, your body is ready and able to digest and metabolize the bulk of your afternoon and nightly foods more efficiently.  Focusing on foods that heal the gut, feed both the brain and the gut for no cravings, and foods that repopulate the beneficial bacteria within the gut will minimize metabolic issues related to weight gain.

The Daily Reset Your Afternoon appropriately balances healthy fats, protein, and incorporates plenty of complex carbs to keep you full longer and feeds both your gut and the gut bacteria.  The fiber in these foods is especially important for creating an environment where the “lean” bacteria thrive, leading to sustainable weight loss as well as the deprivation of food source for the fat-loving bacteria (sugary foods).

Below, I’ve designed Daily Resets as a means to quickly break through weight plateaus and trigger weight loss according to research and evidence-based studies.  In addition to the specific foods, Reset Your Weight takes an even better approach to losing stubborn weight timing the foods to when the body will best utilize the food’s nutrients to accomplish the goal, working with HIM instead of against hormones, inflammation, and metabolic issues.

A Timed Approach Using Food

Daily Resets give you freedom to choose when and what to eat based on your body’s HIM balance needs, the time you have available, and what you are in the “mood” to eat.  It gives you control over what you’d like to focus on and provides you with quick and easy tools to meet that targeted goal.

Daily Resets are a great way to target a current-or recurring, weight issue.  It gives you a specific food tool and habit to help restore balance in the three common areas (H.I.M) and boost your body’s reserves.

Finding Time

Simply take note of the time of day to narrow down what you should target in that moment, using food to restore balance.  Have a big issue that you know is blocking your ability to lose weight? Repeatedly focus on that Daily Reset time of day for a few weeks, experimenting with the variety of foods and meal options for that issue.

Not sure about what issue to address first? Just pick a time of day that works well for your schedule and start finding your flavor and foods that you like to replenish and nourish your body for that Reset option.

Mornings are a great place to start if you have difficulty breaking out of your routines because it is a fresh start to the day and you can prep foods the night before to make it easier to eat a targeted meal that decreases inflammation.

For example, did you eat a sugary breakfast because you were rushed and just felt hungry? Here’s how each specific daily reset will help get you back on track that day:

  • Reset Your Morning: work on the “emotional instability” and food cravings that is wreaking havoc on your blood sugar and hormones. Drink some probiotics (kombucha, milk kefir, or other probiotic soda) and snack on some raw nuts and fresh fruit.  Better yet, sip some bone broth!
  • Past morning? Reset Your Afternoon: get your metabolism moving, helping your body to process that sugar.  Heat up a cup of broth (grab a bone broth cube and use the hot water button on the Keurig!) or grab a freezer bagged bone broth soup meal.  Eat protein or complex carbs with a fermented food, or a protein with a healthy fat to aid digestion.
  • Reset Your Night: set yourself up for a better tomorrow morning by boosting hormonal balance; prep soaked oats for the fridge or a smoothie recipe. Nibble on some cooked fruit or throw together an easy raw, vegan baking treat before calling it a night!

I compare the weight loss journey through a healthy gut to that of parenting or a stressful career, especially since I have 5 kiddos.  The frustration that I used to feel on a DAILY basis when they were all young at the same time was because they were growing and maturing as a direct result of my DAILY efforts to guide them to better habits and build character.

I remember creating, explaining, implementing, and monitoring soooo many behavior charts that I felt like I was a failure just based on the number of charts I had to create.  But then it hit me: the tool was effective and it needed to frequently change in order to adapt to their growing independence and success on that targeted plan!

In this analogy, Daily Resets are like the hand crafted “Behavior Progress Charts” that can adapt and reflect your daily weight loss needs because each Reset target is working (especially with the continual foundation foods of bone broth and probiotics) to heal and repopulate your individual gut microbiome to maximize sustainable weight loss.

Gut Health Approach to a Manageable Weight

Research has shown that it takes an average of three months’ time to repopulate the gut microbiome with “B” beneficial bacteria that thrive on nutritious fiber-as opposed to the “Fat” pathogenic bacteria that drive your mind and body to consume in excess simple sugars (read more about that ratio in this post).  The variable in this basic equation is the starting condition of your individual gut biome and your most often consumed foods.

sugar, addiction, health, healthy eating, healthy dietIf you choose to eat on a daily basis more processed and refined white flour based packaged foods, then it will take longer to cycle through to a healed and healthy gut that will be able to support any food choices and sustain your weight loss with minimal attention.

I will never tell you to what to eat- ever. 

  However, if you’d like to experience food freedom from cravings, I strongly suggest you always eat [Daily Reset Your Morning options] first and definitely less of the processed, refined foods.

You can Reset Your Weight using food, not exercise, and be obsessed with life, not the weight of food.

Ready to fuel up on Daily Reset foods and options that target the three most common and underlying weight gain issues?  Start strong with these 3 Daily Food Resets to Restore Balance!


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