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Top 10 Online Fermentation Resources

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It is simply not possible for me to become a leading resource on fermentation; regardless of my age or cooking ability…that is not one of my goals here at RYW.   The process of fermentation and the inclusion of these foods and probiotic drinks as a means of permanently altering your gut health is the end goal.

While I list a few of the Basic recipes for quick ferments and other personal fermenting food experiments, I, too, go to several experts that have a lifetime of more knowledge than I.  I’m OK with that!  Perhaps I made this post so all of my favorites would be in one place….

Why Fermented Foods for Weight Loss

Fermented foods will not only alter your microbiome toward beneficial bacteria that are (scientifically labeled as) “lean” bacteria, the quality of nutrients that the process of fermentation creates will actually change the brain’s response to food.

At RYW, my goal is to help you break any harmful, emotional connections to food through this gut-brain connection and free you to just enjoy food.  Fermented foods (and bone broth) are the easiest path to weight loss using food, not exercise.   Detoxifying and healing for stable gut health and then maintaining levels of good beneficial bacteria will keep the weight off, for good.

Not even included on the Top 10 list are two of the foremost leading authorities from the past (and present).  Sandor Katz is known for writing what is commonly known as the “fermenter’s bible,” The Art of Fermentation, and despite its sheer volume of pages, is an easy to comprehend read.  He has a website as well: Wild Fermentation.  Hands down the most comprehensive resource for fermentation.  Sally Fallon, author of Nourishing Traditions, is the second most well-known authority on the subject.

Top 10 List



This site is an online store and resource central with information, ingredients, and recipes readily available for an in-depth understanding about this topic.  I’ve purchased cultures from this site for years and they are very reliable and healthy.


This woman has more than one lifetime’s worth of knowledge about fermentation (and nutrition)!  Videos, recipes, and everything in between for a full understanding of fermentation (and bone broth).  On Twitter @HealthyHomeEcon

Category: Fermented Foods


The Kitchn The Kitchn

Follow on Twitter @thekitchn for a plethora of recipes and fermentation basics.  Follow this link for a comprehensive list on fermentation topics, informational videos, and recipes galore.  I looove The Kitchn.


 Fermented Food Lab

Absolutely subscribe for her recipes in your inbox!  Her cilantro-jalapeno sauerkraut gets devoured at my  Great recipes, great explanations that are easy to replicate.  Here’s her TOP 10 FERMENTED FOOD RECIPES OF 2015 to make you hungry.  You can do this! Follow on Twitter: @fermentfoodlab


Katie Wellness Mama Wellness Mama

The site is packed full of everything that is awesome, including fermentation.  She has loads of links on that subject as well as healthy living and meal planning on a budget.  Follow on Twitter @WellnessMama


    Killer Pickles

Many home fermenters constantly post her recipes in fermenting “support groups.”  I highly recommend following her feed.  Follow on Twitter @Killer_Pickles


 Cultured Food Life

This website I return to frequently for great recipes and ideas, but only members have full access to all the recipes. Start with her simple, free recipes and you’ll be hooked on just how easy it is find favorite ferments.  Follow on Twitter @DonnaSchwenk



Follow on Twitter @FoodRenegade.  I recommend her entire website as a resource, not limited to fermentation.  I’m a “Rebel,” too 😉


Wardee Harmon at Traditional Cooking School by GNOWFGLINS Traditional Cooking School

Wardee has the whole package for learning and doing a successful ferment.  There are also videos and a member portal for additional information.  Follow on Twitter @TradCookSchool

Paleo Leap | Paleo diet Recipes & Tips


I reference this site often because they do an excellent job at explaining the behind the scenes information on nutritional topics.


I Still Have To At Least Mention…

 Ferment Your Vegetables book cover  Phickle

This author’s website, phickle, is expansive and impressive! Original recipes loved by all.  Follow on Twitter @phicklefoods and definitely purchase her cookbook!

 Fermented Vegetables Cover  The Fermentista’s Kitchen

Her blog’s byline is “VEGETABLES + SALT + TIME = YUM”, with the lifelong goal of “teaching the art of fermenting vegetables.”  Cookbook is also a “keeper.”

 Beets ‘n Bones

Awesome blog on traditional foods with lesser known (but nutritious) ingredients.  I’ll persuade you by a link to her Instagram images 🙂  Follow on Twitter @Beets_and_Bones

Spoiled 2 Perfection Spoiled to Perfection

Follow on Twitter @s2pseries “for pickling, fermentation & culinary alchemy!”

Raw Food Recipes

While there is a section on fermented veggies, it has an amazing Recipes menu where you can choose a raw ingredient and search recipes.

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