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The Skinny on Being Overweight

Weight is Personal

I have to be honest: posting about losing weight issues is an awful task to take on, especially if you’re not predisposed to “skinny.” Call it vanity, but, in my past, when I’ve needed encouragement to lose more than a few pounds, I wanted needed to see “success story pictures” of how great everyone looked after following the diet.  It was part of the marketing motivation for me.

I’ve struggled with adding a photo of myself, for fear of turning someone away just based on how weight loss looks on my body.   I was having a great conversation with a friend yesterday about giving small sized clothing away at the moment when you finally acknowledge to yourself that “size __” isn’t ever going to happen again.  She concluded, “I just gave away all of my size 6 jeans. My body has changed and I need to be happy with size 10.”  Size 6? I thought.  “I’ve NEVER been a size 6. 10 is skinny and fit for me, always has been.”

Write Your Story

Everyone has a story.  Posting what I’m learning about weight loss, nutrition, and habits is only one part of my story.  I love it. I live it.  I may not be a size 6, but I’m still going to write about how to have a healthy gut so that I can have a healthy weight and optimal brain power-and then go on to eat for enjoyment.

Without food cravings dictating what and when I eat.

That ability is the best gift I can give you, especially if you are someone who struggles with their relationship to food.

I’ll even share some pics of my journey with you. Sigh. I’m OK with it because these well-researched Basics have changed my life for good.  I’m a work in progress… and that’s my story!  Success takes time.

In August, I took these
In August, I took these “I’m getting serious” pic of where I was at.

This is where I started, back in January.