The Making of A.Foodie

I absolutely love food!  Countless cookbooks, famous chefs, videos and TV shows make food a tasty art. While everything they make may taste good, not everything that tastes good is good for your waistline.

Have you tried many, or just a few, other diets with minimal or not long-lasting results?  That’s OK!  Start by thinking about what aspect of the plan did work for you.  I like to call doing that finding “the best of the best.”  Discard the rest and keep the best!  We will work on that together in my book, Reset Your Weight.

Fortunately, there’s more than one way to Reset your weight; I can offer you three!  Find and tweak the one that will work for you because it is your lifestyle and relationship with food.

The two Basics in Reset Your Weight that I will share on this blog are Probiotic Foods and Bone Broth.  Check back often or subscribe to receive emails for great recipes and kitchen helps for eating great food to lose weight.  I’ll add tips for how to include an easy probiotic or bone broth to the meal, which will help Reset your gut–and eventually your waistline.