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Food Needs To Be Tasty For Weight Loss

Being a Sloppy Eater

I realized tonight as I sat completely full and satisfied from an incredibly tasty, well balanced, and healthy dinner that my own “sloppy” approach to my personal weight loss is less about my ability and more about taste.

Come to find out that I’m not the only one who succumbs to taste over goal attainment!  A published study found that given food choice, temptation, and self-regulation, tasty is difficult to resist!

Specifically, while I enjoy bone broth soup meals, I have a plethora of excellent and easy to prepare recipes that I eat twice weekly, I’m just lagging on motivation.   Funny how we can become complacent and excited about how far we have come– and just want to stay there because it is so much better than from where we came.  I’m eating great food and kept 20 pounds off for more than 2 years just through nutrition.

I’m not motivated to lose that last 10 pounds because I don’t want to sacrifice the “why” I enjoy food: flavor variety, AKA taste.  Taste trumps loss, pretty much every time in my activated brain pathways. Grrr.

My meal tonight had lean thigh meat protein with a glaze, half a plate of 4 varieties of veggies, red skinned potatoes with fresh chives, and caramelized onions mixed with sauteed bella mushrooms.  As I was savoring every bite, I was thinking, “Despite it feeling like 90 degrees in my house with the AC running, I really love the sheet pan meal.”  The long bake followed by a quick broil just does it for me flavor wise.  The veggies weren’t even my favorites, but baked in the chicken and sauce juices made them ah.mazing.

At that moment, I analyzed my unspoken, unmet need for holding steady with my weight: flavor variety.

I didn’t want to “Flush” or eliminate common weight gain foods because they tasted good, providing variety and comfort (I love dairy…).

I will be honest and raw with you: writing and educating people on the evidence-based approach to weight loss using Reset Your Weight basics when you have that last 10 pounds (15 would be awesome!) to lose for optimum health is more than a little embarrassing.  I need to step up my kitchen skills game.

I was missing the final piece of the Reset Your Weight puzzle that made it even more personal and the opportunity for it to work for everyone (barring medical issues).  It’s the simple, cognitive theories of attaching meaning, significance, and reward to achieve a long term goal, a motivation for mastery.

Back to the Basics

Reviewing the basics behind why the Challenge Reset works revealed to me the significance of finding taste patterns and the person’s specific nutritional needs that are behind the desired food/weight loss behavior.

The method of delivery is the variable that should be personal in nature in order to meet the biological and psychological needs underlying the desire to lose weight and sustain it without wasting precious time obsessing about every bite.

When your gut is healed, slight variations or “compliance to plan” is not even an issue:

“Rebalance your microbiome and the rest will follow” and “transform your relationship with food,” says best selling author and MD Raphael Kellman, The Microbiome Diet.

For most of us, psychology validates the emotional nuisances we experience with each thought about weight loss in relationship to action.  Statistically, research highlights three factors that complicate the action, or complicate the “easy” as it relates to each one of us:

  • Environment (toxins, availability of food selection)
  • Lifestyle (time available, personality, economics, social influences)
  • Food (addictive substances, nutritional quality, quantity)

Simply implementing a weight loss plan may mean making changes that support the action.  However, too many changes at once rarely ends well and so “just do it” becomes a “close tab” in the device called life.

This specific problem of too much-too little time was the basic idea behind the Challenge Reset.  Each of the above three factors are quickly addressed and the immediate effects of the bone broth meal becomes the motivation to continue.

It’s like night and day, a life changing experience.  Every single person states, hands down, they couldn’t believe how incredible they felt-complete satiety and enormous energy:

Jolyn C., nontraditional undergrad student and mother of 3:

“I’m used to making my own bone broth and hearty soups but not combined with probiotics. I went a week on the Reset Flush Challenge and dropped 6 pounds.  I felt great, had more energy, and it diminished food cravings. My doctor approved it.  Reset Your Weight works.”

Although The Microbiome Diet does not highlight the simplicity of bone broth for weight loss and gut health like Reset Your Weight, Dr. Kellman writes this about a healthy microbiome and weight loss:

“Nourishing your microbiome will automatically free you from cravings, uncontrollable appetite, and the dispiriting feeling that your weight will stay on or return…” (pg. 57).

real food, diet, weight lossThe Challenge Reset is an excellent start, clean slate method that begins the journey to sustainable weight loss.   Calories are reduced, but with nutrient dense foods that are soaked in the easy to digest bone broth and healthy fats that keep you full while healing your gut.

Think that quick weight loss won’t last? Research doesn’t prove that at all!  Dr. Michael Mosley, New York Times bestselling author of the Fast Diet, discusses the difference between short term crash dieting and the sustainable results from “a planned approach to eating” (The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet, pg. 84).

Now, the problem of what to do next, when the brain wants something different, something new(er) with more variety.  The basics of bone broth and fermented foods in the confines of “soup” is not yet an established behavior, making it unconsciously “accepted as normal,” so how does Reset Your Weight “plan for” each individual’s desire to continue to learn new food habits long enough to make any weight loss sustainable?

Glad you asked, especially since I keep wanting to go back to my delicious dinner tonight and relive my “ah ha” moment 😉

Finding Balance

Just like there is a psychological construct or default that is unconsciously influencing our ability to follow through with a desired action (“I really do want to lose weight and keep it off for the the rest of my life”), there is a tried and true system of needs for the body to maintain an optimum weight.  Although the body is impacted by a list similar to the emotional complication factors, the pattern for balance is also known based on those biological needs.

Fortunately, food choices work to the advantage of both!  You just need to find your tasty and add that in.

The ancient food preservation method of fermentation not only creates and supplies the body with macro-nutrients, it boosts the body’s ability to absorb what is necessary for sustainable weight loss and emotional control.   While the body that is overweight and having difficulty with weight is usually deficient or unable to use any available nutrients, the fermented food (and bone broth) actually provides the nutrients AND helps the body to be able to use them.

And let’s not forget that through the blood-brain axis, probiotics have been proven to “turn your frown upside down,” becoming the reward that then motivates you to “just do it.”  Supplements alone aren’t powerful enough to sustain both the body and brain’s needs for what they provide.  The cultured food selection itself is important for its actual nutritional profile (carbs, protein, fat, fiber).

It was fascinating to read in The Microbiome Diet that although the “lifespan of a bacterial microbiome is only about 20 minutes,” they exchange genes with one another (pg. 137)!  Foods that are called prebiotic because they feed the probiotics in the digestive system, actually ferment inside the intestines to boost the growth of the beneficial, lean bacteria and not the pathogenic bacteria found in the microbiomes of obese individuals.

It all starts in the gut and the gut needs food.  The brain, however, needs more than just food; it needs meaning and novelty in relation to using food as a good means for losing weight.  Finding your flavor or flavors of bone broth and probiotics will catapult you over this hurdle and onward to your weight loss goal.