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A Healthy Gut On Exercise

My weight has remained stable as has my diet of daily probiotics through fermented food or a probiotic drink.  I wanted to see what difference adding a physical exercise would have on my body shape and figured a few days of eating lots of bread would be the perfect time for a before and after.  (AKA I need to remove this “grain belly” ASAP!)

Crazy, right?

Neither photo has been altered and were taken only 10 days apart from each other.  The blue shirt photo is after running almost every other day, anywhere from .5 to 1.0 miles (speed 5.0-5.2 on a treadmill with no incline), which worked out to 4 times over a 10 day period.  It’s like my body just absorbed any exercise I gave it and handed over an awesome reward!

What I found even better was the emotional satisfaction; yes, I’ve seen changes to my weight when I’m eating the Basics daily, but the added boost from exercise was as emotionally satisfying as eating a slice of cake!  Successful weight loss is a balance of edible AND emotional food 🙂

What’s this Foodie going to do, armed with the knowledge that my body is liking to run?  Food helped me to lose enough weight so that running was viable; my hips and knees hurt too much with the added weight.  I still prefer eating as the primary means to lose weight over working (AKA running).  Running, however, seems to offer a quick forgiveness to indulgence or poor meal planning.  It’s good to keep that in the reserve!

I’m in agreement with Dr. David Kessler; he wrote in his book, The End to Overeating (2009), citing there is “strong evidence that weight gain is primarily due to overeating.”

Working It Out

Not up for running long distances? I highly recommend something called, HIIT, or High Interval Intensive Training.  Exercise for 10 minutes, with a total of 1-2 minutes of pushing yourself.  Check out more on these trusted sites:

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