Start here to find the root cause of your weighty issues

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Root Causes Symptoms Tracker + Starter Food List

Look past the symptoms to solve the problem at the root. Identify your stubborn weight, assess your current baseline health, and start eating well today with simple food suggestions.


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Health + Happiness Quick Start Resources Guide

The Go To List of books on gut health and nutrition from the experts, over 50 real food cookbooks, and 60 online resources to answer all your questions about a healthy gut + weight loss.

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The Ultimate Guide to Probiotics

Just like ANTIbiotics fight certain illnesses, PRObiotics have specific purposes necessary for your weight and health goals. Find the probiotic by function or strain name and click on the links to read the clinical studies.

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Kombucha Tea Brewing & Care Guide

Fermented tea has amazing health and digestive benefits that are super easy to replicate at home. Save money by learning the basics of brewing your own with this guide, filled with visuals and links.

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Introduction to Sourdough Baking

There is such a thing as "weight loss bread." It's called sourdough! Eat bread and not bloat because of the process of fermentation. Recipes, links, and DIY videos to get you started.