Real Food Lifestyle

What exactly is the label “real food” anyway? If I’m able to eat it, isn’t that considered “real food”?

Not necessarily.  The food industry has taken over the world (OK, at least America) by enticing our brains and taste buds with salt-sugar-fat combinations that intentionally make us longeth after their food creations.

Do you have a chemistry lab in your kitchen to create the same mouth watering longing that these corporations do? (Don’t answer, homeschooling families!)

No.  What you most likely have are cabinets that store foods that don’t spoil at room temperature and a refrigerator.  If your house is like mine, there may be some overflow onto your counters:

And while this is a great “problem” to have, this ability to store fresh and in season foods longer-not to mention keep foods at room temp without any preparation done in your house, is actually NEW.

We are only talking just a few generations that spans the difference of time between THIS age of refrigeration and chemical preservation and home canning, dry rubbing, ice boxes, and brines or pickling methods.

In fact, other countries that do not have reliable electricity, still use home preservation methods in addition to refrigeration.