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The Real Food Path to a Healthy Weight Lifestyle

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The Weight of Food Choices

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Do you want to experience the freedom from the cravings and obsessive eating of food, especially refined and processed sugary foods?  I’ve been there and you are not imagining the pull and misery caused by such foods.

Take a breath and relax, knowing that there’s hope and it doesn’t involve “willpower” to overcome this food obsession.  Instead, use food to fight back, find freedom, and lose weight all at the same time.

The Basics of Reset Your Weight

Keep eating what you want and start including broth made from real bones and a variety of probiotics from drinks and fermented foods.  Experiment and find your flavor, as many fermented veggies are just bursting with different and fun flavors!

1. Bone Broth

healthy choices, real food, chicken bone brothI am a very frugal person who has time throughout my day to be in and out of my kitchen so I make my own bone broth.  It’s easy to do; take a look at the process in this post.

Don’t let inexperience or lack of time be an issue.

Surprisingly, there are also some great companies making real bone broth available online.  Many offer a monthly ordering discount as well.  Here are two that I can personally recommend for their taste and quality:

 Bonafide Provisions   Kettle & Fire  Classic Beef Bone Broth - 6 PackBare Bones 

Here’s my post for the Top 10 Bone Broth Resources to get your more familiar with bone broth and its benefits.  Or, check out this post on the different varieties of bone broth: Choosing the Right Bone Broth.

Next, you need to add probiotics.

2. Fermented Foods, Probiotic Drinks, and the Jump Start From Supplements

Read this post for an overview of how this changes the gut, making you “lean” for life.

I recommend finding a quick and easy probiotic drink to sip on throughout the day as well as a few fermented foods.   Read this post on why a supplement won’t work in the long term for sustainable weight loss; the beneficial bacteria thrive and repopulate the gut using the fiber and nutrition from food.

In most markets, you can find a probiotic drink like water kefir (KeVita), kombucha tea, and milk kefir (great in smoothies).  While these will help the gut, they have much less active, live beneficial bacteria than if you were to make your own probiotic drink at home when you are comfortable with the process and find your flavor.

Learn how to get started making your own probiotic drinks.

Look for one of these probiotic drinks, but read the label and make sure that the added sugar is as low as possible:

 GT’s Kombucha      KeVita     products_wholemilk-plain  Lifeway

Fermented foods, on the other hand, have trillions of beneficial bacteria as well as the needed prebiotics (food that feeds that probiotics) like fiber, carbs, and resistant starch (which is actually a fiber).  These are not as easy to find at markets, with the exception of Whole Foods and smaller health food stores.

Fortunately, the internet makes all things possible, even the shipping of raw foods (that are actually preserved by the process of fermentation); however, at this time, only Wise Choice Market ships.  Companies like Farmhouse Culture are what you need to look for in your area.   Sometimes you can find Bubbies pickles at a larger grocery chain store.

I like to find the different flavor combinations for sauerkraut and then get the recipe to make my own.  Again, once you find your flavor and are comfortable with fermented foods, it’s easy to make your own.

Ready to try now? Kraut, pickles, and kimchi are common fermented foods that make losing weight tasty.  You just have to #findyourflavor.

Here’s my post that lists some recipes and the Top 10 Online Fermentation resources.  Then, cook with your fermented foods!

Eat With A Purpose

1. Target Imbalances Daily

Daily Resets target the three common weight gain issues of hormonal imbalances, inflammation, and metabolic issues.  Daily Resets help you to focus on what to eat during the day.

Daily Resets are a great way to learn how to incorporate bone broth and fermented foods into your food choices, using food to reset your weight through a healthy gut.  Focus on one a day or one at each time of the day:

fermentation, anti inflammatory, regulate blood sugarfermentation, metabolism, bone broth, probiotics, macronutrients, enzymes, bacteria

weight loss,healthy eating, cravings, restore, raw, vegan2. Restore Your Gut To Health

By cycling through different eating patterns and food selections, this Reset Re-Cycle makes it easy to keep food novel, or exciting, so that you can learn to enjoy healthier food choices.

Again, the less processed and refined flour and sugar products you eat, the more fat and body weight you will lose.  You will be well  on your way to repopulating your gut for sustainable weight loss.

Since research has found that it takes an average of three months to repopulate the gut with the “lean” bacteria using food as the only tool, this Re-Cycle plan recycles three different ways to use food to lose weight.

The first week-or as long as you want, focuses only on soup meals. This is the Challenge Reset, which uses bone broth and probiotics for quick, visible fat loss results.

The sole combination of bone broth, high fiber carbs, and proteins soaked in broth, and small amounts of probiotics resets many things all that week:

  • Resets eating habits
  • Reset energy levels as your body burns its stores of fat
  • Establishes the feeling of hunger and fullness, or satiety
  • Resets the emotions, disconnecting cravings from eating food by providing nutrition to the brain and body in an easily digestible form
  • Starts to reset the gut with the introduction of beneficial bacteria and their food source while starving the “fat” bacteria by not providing its food source: simple carbs and refined sugar

weight loss, healthy eating, fermentation, soup meals, bone broth, quality complex carbohydratesThe following cycle of Daily Resets will rebalance your hormones, reduce inflammation, and improve metabolism using food.  Your Daily Reset choice will introduce healthier foods in easy, quick ways.  You’ll be amazed at how quickly your tastes change for the better foods!

The last cycle is more of a guideline for food freedom.

Then, repeat or re-cycle through the five week plan at least three times.  The end result would be you deciding you are satisfied with your health and weight.

Live With Food Freedom

Don’t let food suck the life out of you; there’s way more to life than feeling obsessed with food and what it does to your body.  Food doesn’t have to distract you from actually living.

I’m not the only one who has experienced food freedom; Reset Your Weight is my way of overcoming food addictions and unhealthy foods through the powerful combination of both bone broth and probiotics to heal the gut, the mind, and the body at the same time.

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Be obsessed with life, not the weight of food!

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