Why You Should Prioritize Gut Health

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Gut health is extremely important for many reasons, one of which is that it is the primary influence and driving force behind a sustainable, stable weight and a healthy, functioning brain.

Food is a major factor for the state of your gut’s health because it is what you ingest that either destroys or strengthens the trillions of bacteria that live inside your digestive system. These bacteria- classified as either beneficial or pathogenic, pretty much determine the state of your health, the functioning of your brain, how your food is used for energy throughout your entire body, and, of course, your weight.

Now, mainstream media dabbles and is beginning to introduce the public to the significance of gut health; however, personally, I don’t think this topic will become a major player in the health industry anytime soon. Why is that, especially if it has such a huge influence on every aspect of daily life?


Doesn’t it seem like everything boils down to money? The current state of many countries’ healthcare systems rely on treatment for disease in lieu of its prevention, with very little pursuant of advocacy for healthy habits prior to not feeling well. But, I digress…

A Healthy Digestive System

A healthy digestive system is made up of different types of bacteria. In general, a “slim” individual (which does not equate with healthy!) has an abundance of specific types of beneficial bacteria that are more numerous and prolific inside the small intestine and the colon, with significantly less pathogenic bacteria. “Obese,” “overweight,” and people who suffer from chronic diseases and symptoms of diseases have more pathogenic bacteria and less diversity of good bacteria within their bodies.

You can read this post to learn more specifics about these studies and strains. Here are four websites that give excellent information on the details of a healthy gut and connections to diseases:

Products that are helpful (and quite often necessary) are tools, as opposed to prescriptions. Depending on the starting point of your digestive system based on symptoms and your go-to comfort foods (usually your frequent foods that give your body the bulk of its nutrition and feed your gut microbiome), you may need to use these tools ongoing, or sporadically, or just briefly.

Check out what tool I use daily in this post!

Rewards of a Healthy Gut

If you are a person whose food is primarily made by outside sources and not by you inside your home with fresh ingredients, I can pretty much guarantee- based on research and an inventory of your lifestyle, that your body will reward you for focusing on a healthy gut with:

  • weight loss,
  • less brain fog,
  • improved moods,
  • more energy,
  • Better sleep,
  • and less time being sick with allergies and infections.  

The Healthy Gut Process

In general, most practitioners approach a healthy gut with the “4 R’s,” using a variety of gut-friendly products and foods:

  • Remove toxins and pathogenic bacteria (like sugar loving Candida), decrease inflammation
  • Replace essential nutrients, acids, enzymes, and beneficial bacteria
  • Reinoculate with diverse beneficial bacteria and prebiotic fiber foods and supplements
  • Repair the gut lining with nutrients like collagen, amino acids, and essential fatty acid supplements

Does that mean that you won’t need to continue to add gut-friendly products into your foods once you’re at a healthy body weight and a have a healthy digestive system? Absolutely not!

Fortunately, the sources of beneficial bacteria, enzymes, and nutrients can be primarily through food at that time.


I have put together several posts to point you to these resources:

4 Questions To Help You Choose A Real Food Plan

The 4 Step Solution for a Healthy Gut + Weight Loss: Series on Probiotics


In addition, these websites are a gold mine of information on how to create a healthy meal plan that focus on the 4 R’s for building a healthy gut:

Not sure which real food plan is best for what you like to eat? Dr. Pedre, leading expert on gut health, explains his top three choices in this post.

The basics of Reset Your Weight are totally useful at this point: consuming the traditional foods of bone broth (or the modern convenience of bone broth powder or collagen powders) will continue to strengthen your gut lining and keep the blood barrier sealed for a healthy brain. Probiotics will come in the forms of fermented foods, probiotic drinks, and cultured dairy like aged cheeses, kefir, and whole fat yogurt.

Many Options

If you choose, you can transform your relationship with food in several ways that will have an amazing impact on the state of your health, mind, and your waistline. I can totally help you to pinpoint your specific goals and body’s nutritional needs in order to maximize this transformation process.

There are so many different food plans available today that incorporate real foods for not only a healthy weight, but a healthier mindset and lifestyle. Believe me, there are more than you can imagine and I’ve studied most of them!

How do you know what’s going to work for you personally so that you can jump right in and achieve all of the following:

  • weight loss successes that you want,
  • establish a healthy gut using real foods and supplemental products, and then just
  • continue to live your life– without thinking about food and its impact on your lifestyle?

That’s a long to-do list, I know! Which is why I’ve done it for you.  And don’t worry about having to stick to one plan for the rest of your life.

Just like your taste buds start to change every 10 days, real foods will transform your body mind and replenish any nutritional deficiencies that are result of poor lifestyle habits and refined and processed foods.

There is a light to the end of the tunnel! So as your body’s needs change or your taste preferences I have made it easy to transition from any type of food plans on the market to your current preferences.

Reset Your Weight

Ready to jump in and transform your relationship with food so that you can lose your stubborn weight think more clearly and not be obsessed about what you eat? Start by taking this free, quick PDF assessment.

Need more guidance? I can help you identify your preferences, lifestyle habits, and potential nutritional deficiencies that are holding you back from a healthy gut and weight. Then, we can move on to choosing a food plan that you will enjoy and suggest any supplemental products that will get you to your goals faster. Email me for a more in depth assessment and consultation!

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