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5 Ways to Manage Your Health Goals

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Life is complex, and adding focused, healthy goals can make daily life more stressful. Here’s 5 ways to maximize the small steps toward accomplishing your big goal of a healthy weight lifestyle.weight loss, lifestyle, clean eating,habits

1. Keep It Simple

Eliminate, cleanse, remove guilt.

to feel better and keep a positive attitude with your changing relationship with food.

You’ve put a value on it, now just relax and work through the plan.  Allow yourself to make tweaks, remaining flexible with how your body responds to the new foods, flavors, and increasing nutrition.  See how Reset Your Weight stays flexible in this post.

Try a tracking system app, like Cron-o-meter or MyFitnessPal, so that you can see the numbers balancing themselves out as the days turn into weeks.  In order to keep things simple, you may find that eliminating certain foods or behavior triggers helps keep your mood positive as well as your body’s systems in balance easier.

Think an elimination food plan is what you need? Start with the Challenge Reset and kiss your cravings good-bye and hello to a slimmer waistline!

Focus on one aspect week and then determine if it is a change that helps to continue to eliminate, cleanse, and live guilt free.

2. Keep It Tender

Be gentle, show genuine concern, and sensitivity to your goal of overhauling your lifestyle for long term health.  Successful weight loss strategies include both challenges and lifestyle planning that is sensitive to both daily and lifestyle needs.

When you’ve struggled with something for a long time, it’s easy to get a “hard heart” toward your goal becoming a reality.  This is especially true when your weight has fluctuated but not decreased enough for you to consider your weight loss a lifestyle.  I’ve struggled with this as well and you can find encouragement in this post.

Likewise, keep your food “tender” as well, making it easier for your body to adapt to your exploration of new foods and flavors. Fermented foods like kraut and (not vinegar) pickles really boost your digestion while bone broth helps your gut heal and seal in all the nutrients.

Know that despite not seeing visible results every day, being tender toward your goal progress is key to instilling a genuine love and concern for yourself. Don’t give up; use the right tools and keep the end goal in mind.

3. Keep It Sincere

This is where authenticity and not demanding perfection really step up to the plate (ha ha ;).  This is an honest evaluation of your priorities, not being divided by loyalties.

Now, this is where the real food of bone broth and probiotic foods becomes the heavy hitter in your ability to manage your health goals.  If you are eating processed, boxed snacks and meals (especially the ones labeled “fat free”), those foods are dividing your loyalty.

Food corporations pay big bucks to keep you buying their products.  You are not imagining the pull to eat your go-to foods, especially in times of stress and hunger.

Watch this video by Dr. Mercola for more information on the taste trifecta designed to sabotage your health goals.

Part of remaining focused and settled on your goals is not allowing other things derail your ability to be successful.  Junk food, AKA refined sugar, is the battering ram and screaming toddler temper tantrum that will hold you captive.  Sugar is addictive, activating the same reward center in the brain as “illegal” drugs.

Fortunately, bone broth and probiotics will come to your rescue!

Read more about how sugar makes you fat and keeps you craving in these posts:

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4. Keep It Guided

To truly stay on the path you have chosen, you need a desire to be taught how to do it right; aimlessness and indifference will ultimately derail your motivation for working toward a healthy weight.

Find a mentor-whether it be a blog (ah hem ;), food plan cookbook author, or a successful and energetic friend to bump you onto your chosen path from time to time.

Learn about how food affects your body by charting inches lost, keeping a food journal or app, and by observing how your body responds to certain foods.  You body will guide you to what it needs nutritionally.

While I’m not going to say the following types of charts are 100% accurate, it does give a good visual picture of how nutritional deficiencies direct your eating habits:

original source via

For instance, I’ve been exploring the impact of carbohydrate intake on my body, specifically metabolism.  On a whim, I bought The 30 Day Ketogenic Cleanse cookbook for my meat-loving husband.  I had been familiar with the concept of your body burning fat for fuel as opposed to carbohydrates, knowing that the GAPS Diet-bone broth switches your body from one to another very quickly.  Aside from bone broth meals, I was lacking in personal experience in preparing “low carb” meals.

This is one of my most favorite cookbooks!  My body responds so well to high healthy fat, moderate protein, and only green veggie carbohydrates- even with my continued lack of sleep and somewhat stressful lifestyle (I homeschool 4 kids and have 2 toddlers, one of which is a foster baby).  For guidance, I purchased the Cron-o-meter app for $2.99 to accurately track my macros and micros (nutrients). LOVE it!

Do you also feel overwhelmed and a bit exhausted? Take 3 simple actions to start moving your body in the right direction-even when the stress and exhaustion stay put in your life (post).

Reset Your Weight keeps weight management guided with the FREE Daily Reset Planner + Guide (subscribe by email for download!).  Daily Resets help you target the 3 main causes of stubborn weight gain and plateaus, personalizing your approach to food and a healthy weight.

5. Keep It Dedicated

The last way to manage your health goals is to fulfill your purpose.  Keep on, keeping on. Til the end.

And, you know, your end may not be what you originally had in mind.  Time, age, and use change things for all of us in ways that we can’t always appropriately plan for.  This does not mean that your dedication to your healthy weight went unfulfilled; it means that you may want to use a different measuring system as you proceed.

For example, take one puppy out of the same litter and chart its growth over the years.  I’m going to bet that while the puppies turned dogs have many similarities from shared genetics, nature verses nurture will heavily influence their personalities and health.

Oftentimes, there are too many variables in life that cannot be planned or accounted for when you are at the starting point.  While you have a goal, your objectives or actions you take to accomplish said goal usually need to remain somewhat flexible.  Dedication to your goal does not need to be flexible; you can use nutritional, emotional, and physical milestones as the means to measure your success.

Here’s some milestones to consider being dedicated to on your journey:

  • Enjoying the food you eat daily
  • Correcting nutritional deficiencies caused by personal lifestyle choices (toxin intake, stress, poor eating)
  • Quality of sleep and high energy levels
  • Improved physical appearance of your skin, nails, and hair
  • Ability to perform exercise and strength training, lack of joint pains and greater mobility
  • Eliminating or limiting certain foods due to digestive issues, allergies, or lack of nutritional value (think boxed, processed foods made from refined flours)
  • Healthy habits that have become “automatic” for you instead of practicing constant mindfulness (staying hydrated, no cravings)

Reset Your Weight

There are many ways to manage your health goals.  Take time now to decide which of these 5 ways will boost your ability to successfully reset your weight using real foods.  At Reset Your Weight, a real food lifestyle can be a Challenge or a selective, gradual shift in your relationship with food.

{The 5 sequential statements are taken directly from a series: The Heart That Serves, by Pastor Garrett Johnston and uniquely applied to Reset Your Weight}

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