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I’m Eating Everything In Sight

I’m going to eat anything I want and still lose weight.  How so, you say?

It’s a strategy to remove all the accumulated (mostly sugary) foods that I will just munch on without a thought after January 1st.

What’s happening January 1st?  New Year’s resolution to lose weight, of course!  How will I know I’m actually going to lose weight when many other people make the same resolution and not succeed-especially long term loss?  Glad you asked!

This January 1st marks the fourth year “anniversary” of my first introduction to sustainable weight loss; I started my journey specifically using GAPS with the sole purpose of losing weight.  While I succeeded in dropping 25 pounds (175 starting weight), I was miserable the whole time.

After losing that weight and feeling great for over 1.5 years without any thought to my eating, I hit some hard emotional times and consciously made the decision to “just eat everything.”  Thanks, Thanksgiving dinner…oh, the irony.

Over the next year and a half, I gained the all the weight back.  I felt like crap, emotionally and physically.  I decided I wanted to do “it” again, but on my terms; I started researching the “why” behind a successful GAPS weight loss and other diet plans.  By the end of that half a year and into the next, I experimented with my theories, analyzing my targeted goal “weight losses” with scientific studies and writing my book, Reset Your Weight.

While there are numerous health benefits to the three principles I’ve isolated and explained in my book, my goal remains the same: sustainable weight loss using food, not exercise.

On January 1st, 2016, I will be daily blogging my weight loss journey using a call to action I’ve named a Reset Flush-a full, all out quick weight loss plan done my way over the next month or two.  Actually, I’ll start blogging a few days prior since there are a few PREsets to this Reset 🙂

And, my hubby will be joining me on this Reset Flush, so you can track both a female and male response to this Reset Your Weight challenge!

Now, I must get back to cleaning out my cabinets…by eating all the goodies I want.  But don’t worry, after a few months to a half a year, I’ll restock my cabinets and eat it whenever I want without gaining weight! That’s the real irony: sustainable weight loss while eating what you want. Once your gut is stable and beneficial bacteria abound, the irony becomes reality.  Nom, nom, nom…