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Start accomplishing your weight loss and life goals by improving the health of your microbiome.
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While a real food lifestyle is key to health and manageable weight loss, there are significant lifestyle and environmental factors that work against most people’s timeline for healthy weight loss.

Depleted soil, food additives, chemical toxins sprayed on foods, and treated water will slow and even halt even your best efforts at establishing a healthy gut microbiome.

For example, chlorinated and fluoridated water is meant to kill all bacteria, even the beneficial bacteria that your body requires for health and weight loss!

That’s why I recently started working with Plexus. They have an amazing product line to establish a healthy gut, which puts your body in a great place for some attainable weight loss that is sustainable.

The links to Plexus products in this post are to my website. Want to work with me for a healthy weight? Send me a message through my Plexus page!

Read these popular publications on the connection between your microbiome, health, and weight loss:

How do you successfully combat all these deterrents to your health and efforts at establishing a strong gut that is resilient to stubborn weight gain?

  • Intervention, with real foods and elimination of inflammatory trigger foods.
  • Reduce processed foods and sugar.
  • Keep making the small changes that really add up to new, more productive habits that support your weight loss goals.
  • Keep tweaking food plans and exploring recipes that make you enjoy food at every stage of your journey; diversify your foods to increase your gut community!
  • And, intervene with the power of probiotics, maximizing all your efforts with less conscious thought to the process.

Yup-less effort!  I’ve researched the majority of food plans, supplements, and even design behavior modification plans to help people reach their goals in less time. Plexus is a great tool to help you meet these goals.

Plexus has been in business since 2008, with clinical studies validating their weight loss products in 2016.  In May 2017, the company caught my attention when it rebranded with a complete line of products that pulls together all the pieces for a healthy gut into one easy bundle.

They use the familiar garden analogy because, well, your gut is like a garden:

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  • Vital Biome probiotic supplement rebuilds the actual gut lining and repopulates the digestive system with enzymes and trillions of beneficial bacteria for health and weight loss
  • ProBio5 probiotic and enzymes remove pathogenic bacteria and clean up the digestive tract
  • Bio Cleanse supplies 95% of your body’s need for magnesium and helps soothe digestive issues
  • Slim drink restores balance to blood sugar levels with plant-based, non-GMO ingredients, supplies a clinically proven fiber supplement as food for the probiotics, so that many people find relief from sugar cravings with an added boost of natural energy during the day
  • XFactor Plus multivitamin creates a strong foundation for overall wellness, clinically proven to decrease menopausal symptoms. It is also methylated for better absorption.

Phew, that is a tall order for any product line!  My monthly Amazon order didn’t come close to the Plexus products in quality and price, and I was constantly having to watch each supply for reordering as well as the hassle of multiple deductibles from my banking account.  My Plexus order is on monthly auto ship, with one withdrawal for all my gut health needs, and I can change up my products at any time.

The Power of a Healthy Life

Finding a system that works for your health and lifestyle means less stress.  Stress leads to so much chaos-both in and out of the body!

Better yet is that Plexus puts money back into my bank account, with weekly and monthly earned bonuses as a result of me sharing their products through my experiences.  Many people find it easy to have their personal products paid for each month!

Define One Goal

Most often, there are different goals that can pull you in opposite directions each day.  Don’t be overwhelmed with what to tackle first for the biggest impact.  How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time 😉

Your initial goal may be to lose weight.  When you are using the right tools for your life and body, you will find that you can achieve and accomplish more than that initial goal!  Start small to build a workable routine for your life, even if your life’s routine isn’t working!

As you slowly layer in positive changes for a healthier life, you will also be slowly changing the design of your life.  Wait til your small step becomes familiar-automatically done without much mental effort. Then, choose another small goal to build another layer.

Oftentimes, we make things more complicated by forcing two goals into a daily routine and lifestyle that is already mentally taxing, which is elevating your stress levels. Wait for the first change to create its effects and go from there!

The power of a healthy gut is that it will help you to create a healthy life.  Did you know that a quality probiotic can lower anxiety?  Increase hormones that control moods and happiness? Absolutely!  It’s hard to make changes when your body and mind are stressed 🙁

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Check out these posts and research studies:

Start accomplishing your weight loss, health, and life goals by improving the health of your microbiome.

Bring on the happiness by creating an environment in your own body that will then produce more of the “happiness hormones” to help you feel good about what you are doing.

What will work for you? Which one of these ideas will you try first? (Adding a collagen supplement to your hot coffee or smoothies is a great start for your gut!)

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