Food & Behavior

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Whether we are desperately trying to lose weight, sustain an optimal body weight, or for medical reasons, there are many reasons why we “choose” to not eat healthier, real foods.

Food & Behavior is intricately linked by biological, neurological, social, and even psychological factors that influence your food choices.

food coaching, weight loss, healthy, dietLet me introduce just 5 ways to make your food behave (so you can be obsessed with life, not the weight of food)!

1. Take Back Control

Are you aware that the food you eat can control you?  Make you happier or depressed, angry and irritable or even lethargic?

For more details on how a sugar addiction activates the same parts in the brain as heroin, read this post.

Processed foods, which have labels that read like a chemistry lab report, have been specifically designed by the food industry to make you crave more.  There is a delicate balance between salt-fat-sugar is scientifically formulated for your “willpower” destruction.

Here’s an audio review highlighting this “engineered” craving done by the talk show, NPR:

sourdough cinn rollsYet, even if you are not a boxed food meal or snack buyer, your gut and brain can still be fooled by the foods you bake at home.  Refined white flour and sugar are as easy to blame for the emotional roller coaster that happens after a home baked product.

The Blood Sugar Roller Coaster

Most of this reaction is from the immediate spike in blood sugar levels as the simple carbohydrates and sugar are converted quickly into glucose and pulled through the body via your blood.  Then, the body runs into additional problems from the excess sugar that was not needed; it gets stored as fat, then the sugar-laden fat makes more hormonal fat, and organs get overburdened by the created imbalances.

For many people who are eager to lose weight and establish a healthier eating lifestyle, these processed foods and simple sugars are very much to blame for the last 10 pounds or the constant yo-yo efforts at weight loss.

2. Two Important Food Habits

Quite simply, loads of research and personal testimonies of sustainable weight loss and a healthy lifestyle of using food to maintain an optimal weight really boils down to two main food habits:

  1. Stable blood sugar levels
  2. A healthy gut microbiome

There are many ways to accomplish these two habits for your optimal weight.  By definition, however, a “habit” is a long term, automatic and routined behavior; this implies that it’s not going to “just happen.”

I am constantly reading and researching diets, cookbooks, and nutrition that offers a plethora of accurate ways to reset your weight.  However, finding a plan that eliminates food cravings and the emotional roller coaster that literally eats away at your daily, allotted “willpower,” is a different story.

Fortunately, once these issues are balanced and your body is able to absorb what it needs to be and stay healthy, many styles of food become great, tasty choices!

3. What the Brain Wants

Ideally, the brain doesn’t want to constantly be asking for quality nutrition for fuel.  It doesn’t care about the emotional attachment of why you want to eat a candy bar instead of a salad.  It just wants to take care of you and thrive.  Unfortunately, it gets pulled toward certain foods as well when various systems are out of balance.

To your brain, your relationship to food is probably more of an inconvenience, a second thought.  Eating nutritious food should be something that I like to call predictably automatic in order to maximize brain power, conscious thought and working memory.

If, however, food’s behavior is constantly interrupting daily tasks, normal mind and body functions, then I’m sure it will be more than willing to pay attention to developing new habits in order to move past a recurring obstacle.

But what if you could successfully bypass food’s behaviors without requiring your brain to use all of its active attention on food?

Simply eliminate food cravings that dictate food choices and sabotage you achieving an optimal weight.

Cut the connection. Restore control.  Make habits predictably automatic and just enjoy food and life without food influencing your choices.

Yes, it’s very possible and actually quite simple.  In a food industry that is driven by profit and consumption, the answer isn’t going to jump out at you.  In fact, it’s been well hidden.

Eat real food.

But first, to make that a reality, “unleash the beast” on food’s behavior so that you can finally be free.

Take a moment to digest that, chew on the thought of freedom from obsession.  Because that is where the battle starts and ends: in the gut.  You can take back control of your food from the industry that created the beast.

And it can even be a quick battle!  How’s the average of 2 days sound to you?

You can read more about how gut health is at the core of sustainable weight loss and emotional freedom in this post.

4. Make Food Behave!

Real, wholesome foods nourish the body and satisfy cravings at no cost to your waistline or mental capacity.  Depending on your current food choices, it may take additional time to reach your optimal performance because your body will be replenishing some depleted nutrients and balancing its systems.

real food, diet, weight lossBut in 2 days, you can make food behave and lose inches toward a better body with the Reset Your Weight Basic Meal Challenge!

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This Basic Meal can become a great staple in your homemade or freezer meal selection, keeping your gut healthy and your food behave.  Ate too many sweets? Grab a basic meal to stabilize your blood sugar.

Feed your gut with easy to digest bone broth meals loaded with nourishing collagen to help assimilate and digest the whole meal.

5. Go Ahead, Coach Your Food

Sometimes, food can have a strong hold on your ability to transform your eating habits for a slimmer waist and optimal weight.  That’s normal, especially when the food industry has designed food to satisfy.

The Daily Resets and Planner is a quick and easy way to personalize the habits of your food’s behaviors.  The real food weight loss principles of Reset Your Weight is derived from evidence-based research designed to efficiently and effectively shed weight and transition your food habits to healthier, unprocessed ingredients and meals.

Combining research, psychology, and behavior modification to any individual’s lifestyle is the approach that I have taken for nearly two decades, making better lifestyle and learning choices predictably automatic for the individual.   Eat smarter, making healthier food choices that feel natural to your routines and preferences.

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