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Why You Should Eat More Plant Protein For Weight Loss

raw, sprouting, clean eating, healthy, weight lossLentils for Protein!

Round Up Recipes by @thegardengrazer for all things tasty and lentil. Lentils are an amazing source of protein and fiber, which are necessary for weight loss and sustainability.

Why should you try at least one of these recipes for more plant-based food options?

Protein Sources for Weight Loss

Love animal protein more than a bean? Not after trying some of these recipes!  My husband is a die-hard meat lover and he has been switching to a more plant-based diet after tasting these recipes (and others).

In the gut, animal proteins are more difficult to digest than complete grains and legumes. And, as you age, your body loses its ability to digest and utilize these proteins.

If you are already storing excess fat on your mid line and your bathroom moments are troubled, animal protein is usually part of the problem.  Grain and legume protein, however, works with your gut to flush toxins from the body because they contain fiber and are alkalizing for the body.

Author Dee McCaffry of The Science of Skinny, states that the soluable fiber in “vegetables, beans, whole grains are some of the best sources of both [soluable and insoluable] fiber” for improved bowel movements (pg. 209).

Legumes are alkalizing in the body, which is significant for weight loss because that means the food is helping to flush and balance the pH level of the whole body.  Animal protein, on the other hand, is acid forming.

Why is this important?  McCaffry’s clinical studies confirm that “maintaining the proper pH in our body is one of the basic necessities for good health.”  Why?  “When our pH is balanced, we should lose weight easily” (pg. 171).  I’m all for “easy!”

Afraid of the “other” digestive issues (gas and bloating) associated with beans?

Buy them dry and soak them in a huge pot of water overnight. Drain and rinse them in the morning, and cook (1-2 hours depending on bean type). Add a cup of bone broth to that simmer.  I like to portion beans into 2 cup servings and toss the bags into the freezer.  Done.