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Detox + Healing for Healthy Weight Loss

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Food and drink detoxes, or cleanses, are often discussed as the first thing to do for a fast weight loss.

Some cleanses restrict an entire food group, only to focus on one or two nutrient-dense or popular methods like juicing or only raw ingredients, whereas other methods rely heavily on supplements that are deemed “fat burners” to shed quick weight.

The Body’s Response to a Quick Detox

In an interview with a nutritionist and science writer, an informative Lifehacker post confirmed that it’s not fat or anything substantial that is quick to lower the scale, but the restriction on calories.  More often than not, this restriction leads to blood sugar instability, which, in turn, increases fat storage throughout the body!  Overall, this type of cleanse will negatively impact weight loss because your body starts storing fat because it thinks it is preparing for starvation.

“…most commercial detoxes don’t list what a toxin is. And even when they do, they don’t give an evidence that they work. If they did, we could test the effectiveness of their claims. In a 2009 investigation by Sense about Science, they checked 15 commercial detox products and found that none could name toxins, agree on a definition of detox, or supply any evidence for their claims.”

A published study out of Australia in 2014 reviewed “Detox Diets for Toxin Elimination and Weight Management” concluded:

“Although the detox industry is booming, there is very little clinical evidence to support the use of these diets. A handful of clinical studies have shown that commercial detox diets enhance liver detoxification and eliminate persistent organic pollutants from the body, although these studies are hampered by flawed methodologies and small sample sizes.

There is preliminary evidence to suggest that certain foods such as coriander, nori and olestra have detoxification properties, although the majority of these studies have been performed in animals. To the best of our knowledge, no randomized controlled trials have been conducted to assess the effectiveness of commercial detox diets in humans. This is an area that deserves attention so that consumers can be informed of the potential benefits and risks of detox programmes.”

Detox-Designed Systems

Fortunately, the body is designed to “detox” on its own-thus the purpose and functions of all the major organs essential to maintaining quality of life.   If the “system” appears broken, then give it a tune up boost not by restricting quality nutrients but by doing just the opposite: increasing the quality of the food supply that each function requires.

So what do these natural detox organ systems need in order to optimize the natural removal of toxins from the body?

“Your digestive system is uniquely designed to turn the food you eat into nutrients, which the body uses for energy, growth and cell repair.” 

Contrary to the popular advertising, “America runs on Dunkin’,” the body requires food.  However, not all food is created equal in the digestive system.

Over time, it will run out of stored nutrients and possibly deplete its innate ability to create more essential nutrients necessary for maintaining all systems.

The Role of Beneficial Bacteria

Bacteria in the gut is crucial to this detox designed digestive system as they are responsible for processing food.   A well-known New York Times best selling author, Dr. Mercola, states that “the health of your body is largely tied into the health of your gut, and it’s hard to have one be healthy if the other is not. One of the reasons why your gut has so much influence on your health has to do with the 100 trillion bacteria–about three pounds worth–that line your intestinal tract.”  He cites the October 2003 American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that confirms “probiotics can act as partners of the defense system of the intestine.”

A body that is in “need” of a “detox” is a system that is not functioning properly, signifying that systems have more than likely been out of whack for a long time and in desperate need of something more than a quick nutritional boost that a specific detox can provide.

Better yet, it probably needs a tremendous amount of quality nutrients so that all the networked and interconnected system functions become stable and easily regulated, which leads to quick and sustainable weight loss.  Fortunately, probiotic bacteria actually help the body produce nutrients!

“Don’t get comfortable with not feeling well.”

(@Body Ecology, The Way to Be)

The Role of Beneficial Foods

While studies like the one above show that certain foods or supplements can “enhance” or “eliminate persistent pollutant[s],” the simplest way to quick weight loss is still at the source: food.  A food that is capable of detoxifying and healing the digestive system from its supply of nutrients that will decrease weight by regulating hormones and blood sugar.

Homemade bone broth and fermented foods, both of which can detox and heal the digestive system as well as being nutrient-dense whole food sources, will lead to a healthy, sustainable weight loss.

Signs of an Unhealthy, Toxic Digestive System

The significance of gut health has been making mainstream news, so it is not just a “Crunchy’s” hot topic any longer!  (A Crunchy is an endearing term used to describe those who are health conscious…)  The Body Ecology post summarizes key signs and factors helpful for determining a sluggish digestive system:

  • “When the liver and other vital cleansing organs are hindered from performing their tasks due to toxins, adrenal fatigue often results.
  • physical cravings can come from an abundance of highly processed and concentrated foods that artificially stimulate dopamine (the pleasure neurotransmitter), which plays a role in addiction. So, you will “feel good” and naturally want more of the food that is making you feel good.
  • A build-up of harmful chemicals can block the absorption and release of beneficial chemicals, leading to an imbalance that can have negative physical, psychological, and emotional effects.
  • Food allergies are often a sign that you don’t have the proper beneficial microflora to absorb and assimilate the nutrients from your food. This occurs when toxins like Candida yeast proliferate and cause a leaky gut.
  • diet lacking in living and fermented foods can lead to malabsorption of nutrients. As a result, a domino effect of nutritional deficiencies, high cholesterol, heart attack, or even stroke can occur.”

Tools to Help “Flush” Toxins

Several research studies have isolated “comprehensive elimination diet[s]” as “therapeutic” tools to help the body detox safely.  This is done by “remove[ing] the most common allergenic foods and beverages from the diet and replace[ing] them with non-allergenic choices for a period of 4 wk, gradually adding back the eliminated foods and observing their effects.”

But, at the end of this, you cannot immediately add these foods back in.  You won’t get to eat what you want without pains and complications.  You must heal and seal the gut lining first in order to feel and have sustainable weight loss and nutritional results.


Fortunately, the study states that there is another “effective clinical tool” that is successful within a period of 3 months without eliminating food-one that supports the Reset Your Weight principles of bone broth and fermented foods:

“[the] detox-focused core food plan, which identifies the variety of foods required to supply key nutrients that can maximize the effectiveness of detoxification.”

The published study, “Nutritional Aspects of Detoxification in Clinical Practice,” addresses “phase I and phase II detoxification and biotransformation pathways and promotes using food to support these highly complex processes.”  Therefore, the digestive system can be restored and within 3 months using foods that supply key nutrients!  Bone broth and fermented foods are those tools.

Real Foods

Many people who are resetting their weight are at a starting point with a poor diet.  Poor diet is an unhealthy gut.  An unhealthy gut is not only a source of excess weight, but has a “profound effect on … behavior.

Think you’re only fighting a weight loss battle on the scale?  Unfortunately, no.  The imbalance of bacteria in your gut is more than likely affecting all of your body’s systems.  Read more about One Problem with An Imbalanced Gut: Mind Games.

Detox and Healing from Bone Broth and Fermented Foods

healthy eating, weight loss

Bone broth not only supports a healthy body weight, it packs a nutritional punch unlike any other food.   The slow simmer releases a plethora of essential nutrients: anti-inflammatory proteins, gut-healing proteins, healthy fats, minerals, and amino acids.   Bone broth is both a strong detoxifier and healing food at the same time.

The weight loss that results from cooking with and drinking bone broth is also due to the nutrients that support digestion.  These are typically labeled as “gut-healing.”

Combined with other nutrient-dense foods, bone broth has a natural antacid that suppresses bile while at the same time correcting acid reflux and low acid issues.  Scientific research describes the necessity of bile and the role of nutrients and beneficial bacteria in its function:

“In order to be able to survive the gastrointestinal transit and transiently colonize our gut, these bacteria must be able to counteract the deleterious action of bile salts, which are the main components of bile. Bile salts are detergent-like biological substances synthesized in the liver from cholesterol. Host enzymes conjugate the newly synthesized free bile acids in the liver with the amino acids glycine or taurine, generating conjugated bile salts.

These compounds are stored in the gall bladder and they are released into the duodenum during digestion to perform their physiological function, which is the solubilization of fat coming from diet. These bile salts possess strong antimicrobial activity, since they are able to disorganize the structure of the cell membrane, as well as trigger DNA damage.

This means that bacteria inhabiting our intestinal tract must have intrinsic resistance mechanisms to cope with bile salts. To do that, Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium display a variety of proteins devoted to the efflux of bile salts or protons, to modify sugar metabolism or to prevent protein misfolding.”

Bone broth is very nutrient dense, high in protein and everything your body needs to detox and heal to maximize weight loss goals by stabilizing blood sugar levels and keeping inflammation down in the body.  Are you a vegetarian? Read this post at Nourishing Plot about how to capture all the goodness of a bone broth without meat as a base.  

When eating fermented foods, the beneficial bacteria in the digestive system has a good and effective supply of the specifically listed Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterim!  Fermented foods have a wide variety of nutrients that are easily absorbed in the gut and beneficial for detoxifying and healing the whole digestive system.  In my post, Highlights: Fermented Foods and Weight Loss, I quote Simply Nourished:

“Fermented foods improve gut health by balancing the composition of your gut flora to help you better digest and absorb the food you eat. Foods fermented are also full of digestive enzymes that can help you more easily break down and absorb what you put into your body. This is good news for healthy eaters because it means you get more bang for your buck when consuming a nutrient-rich diet.”

When you “culture” a food, you are preparing it in a way that adds billions of beneficial bacteria into the mix so that they transform it into a nutrient-dense food that keeps blood sugar levels stable, digests available sugars, and works with other foods to control weight.  This process is called fermentation and has been used for centuries to prepare nutritious food and make it safe to eat without modern conveniences used to make food last a long time (on a shelf) and cut processing costs.

Bone broth and fermented foods allow the digestive system to detox and heal safely at the same time using whole, nutritious foods that supply the body with complete nutrition profiles.  Lose weight with your detox using food, not exercise, with these two simple food principles.

Motivated to lose weight with bone broth and fermented foods?  Read how to make your own bone broth and browse the Food Basics page and posts to get started!

Want even more in-depth information about probiotics and how they specifically interact with digestion? Click here!

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