Daily Resets

Did you know that you can change your taste buds with each new bite? And it happens faster than trying to form a new habit!

"Studies show that kids who keep trying just a single bite of a health food they dislike (think: those Brussels sprouts) will eventually lose that aversion. "Such training works the same way with adults, and often faster," says Brian Wansink, Ph.D., a professor of marketing at Cornell University and author of Slim By Design: Mindless Eating Solutions for Everyday Life. After sampling something three to five times, you'll start to think, "This isn't so weird or awful." says Wansink. "Before you know it, you'll actually enjoy the flavor." (6 Tricks for Training Your Taste Buds to Crave Healthy Foods)

In fact, Paleo Leap points to the gut connection for one basis for this change: "it’s not just about the taste buds in your mouth. Taste receptors in the gut also get involved, and the process of “adjusting” to less sugar is a whole-body affair." 

A small steps approach will make an impact on your health and weight loss efforts. 

Why? In 2013, Scientific American published one of my most favorite posts: The Gut’s Microbiome Changes Rapidly with Diet.  Groundbreaking research revealed then (and continues to do so in 2017) that the gut changes within hours based on diet. HOURS, people, HOURS!

Want more good news?   How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. LOL. But, seriously, you don’t need to eat all new foods.  Just try bites.

So where do you start to tackle these issues? You’re busy, probably tired, feel uncomfortable in your own skin, and are bombarded with research and trending health topics.  Been there, done that!

Many people want to just get down to business when it comes to losing weight or restarting their weight loss journey.  Almost all stubborn weight issues boil down to the root causes of imbalanced hormones, chronic or temporary inflammation, and a sluggish metabolism.


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