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3 Daily Resets Targeting Hormones, Inflammation & Metabolism for Weight Loss

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Just joining us in learning how to maximize weight loss, break through weight plateaus, or trigger more loss? Read How To Stop Losing The Same Weight Over and Over Again for the big picture of how Daily Resets are designed to target hormonal imbalances, chronic and systemic inflammation, and metabolism related issues (HIM).

weight loss, nutrition, lifestyle, hormones, inflammation, metabolism

Reset Your Morning to Revitalize

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Nutritional Building Blocks

The goal of Reset Your Morning is to improve the body’s ability to remove toxin build up, which is a common attribute of chronic inflammation.  This is best done through raw foods in the morning because raw foods:

  • are loaded with mood boosting vitamins,
  • minerals,
  • amino acids, and
  • essential enzymes

that need to be present in order for you to properly digest and then absorb your food.

I’ll provide you with great recipes and key foods to make the morning Reset tasty and automatic as soon as possible in order to target the key imbalance of Inflammation.


Your body naturally flushes toxins or waste out of the body while you are asleep. The less toxins, the less weight gain from sluggish systems keeping it all.  But, some people’s systems are more efficient at removing and flushing the waste due to food choices and even exercise habits.

Read this post on lemons to learn how easy it is to Reset Your Morning with this simple toxin flush.

Read The Fat Burning Man‘s post on drinking only water for weight loss.

Set Yourself Up for Success

Make the change easy- even automatic, by changing up the scene props the night before.  Environmental cues play a larger role in decision making than most people realize; it’s like foreshadowing in the plot script!

When “life hands you lemons, make lemonade!”  Keep a mason jar filled with water and a half of a lemon on the counter.  Since its presence is “new,” your brain will react to its novelty and be interested-then act on it.

Once you get into that one habit of drinking lemon water first thing in the morning to help flush toxins from your body to increase weight loss, add another targeted boost with a smoothie or juicing every few days.

However, the last thing anyone wants to add to their morning routine is cleaning a juicer or gathering ingredients into tasty amounts for a smoothie.

You can juice a large batch and freeze in silicone muffin portion sizes and also prep some smoothie ingredients into freezer bags to simply toss into the blender with a liquid.  Powdered supplements that combine all the supervisor greens is a cost effective way to revitalize and flush toxins.

Personally, I scored an Omega juicer after someone’s New Year’s resolutions lost steam and so I make enough carrot-beet juice for the whole week. I’ll take a swig in the morning and then in the afternoon if I need an energy boost. To preserve more nutrients, include raw apple cider vinegar or fermented brine to the container.

Clinical nutritionist Natalie Rose, author of The Raw Food Detox Diet, recommends that you “Don’t eat your cooked food until you’ve eaten your raw food.”  I’ve found, however, that all the raw veggies, fruits, and nuts will prepare you to really feel hungry, so be ready to eat in the afternoon!

Not a morning person? No problem, just start at whatever time you are ready.

Did you know that when the body is properly nourished and digesting food easily, it naturally tends to have a smaller window of time for eating?  This is commonly referred to as Intermittent Fasting.  Read more in this post.


Reset Your Afternoon for Strength

fermentation, metabolism, bone broth, probiotics, macronutrients, enzymes, bacteriaReset Your Afternoon is where we target food choices that will have a significant impact on metabolism and strengthening your gut.

During this larger window of time for eating, the weight loss goal and targeted imbalance is to improve all metabolic activity, especially:

  • restoring the gut-brain connection and
  • conquering​ food cravings.

Those probiotics and balanced nutrition release the brain’s hold over food selection so that you are free to enjoy your day!

And, you can Reset Your Afternoon several times to keep your metabolism up if that’s what your body needs for balance. Instead of one main meal, try several smaller snack meals if that helps you feel better. This helps in the beginning to stabilize your blood sugar levels as you are learning to differentiate between real hunger and emotional eating.

Balanced pH

The Science of Skinny author, organic chemist, and nutritionist Dee McCaffrey focuses on the role of food to “alkalize and liver-ize” in order to clean and balance the body’s chemistry. 

“Maintaining the proper pH in our body is one of the basic necessities for good health.  When our pH is balanced, we should lose weight easily” (pg. 171).

After a Reset Your Morning boost to help the body remove clogged toxins and fats, which are a result from exposure to sugar and food additives (pg.171), Reset Your Afternoon will utilize nutrient dense foods that will create alkalinity in the body.  These important foods will also target efficiency in digesting foods.

Healed, Healthy Gut

On average, research has found that approximately three months of targeted nutrition that heals and restores the gut microbiome and related mucous lining will provide the best environment for the lean bacteria to overpopulate the gut and suppress enough of the “F-at” bacteria.   Reset Your Afternoon will do this by increasing fiber and resistant starch.

“Fermented foods introduce beneficial micro-organisms and other healthy substances (vitamins, minerals, enzymes) that restore balance of intestinal flora and improve digestive health” (Fermented Foods for Health, Rawlings, pg 20).

As the food moves through the whole digestive system,

“the friendly bacteria left behind as a by-product of fermentation reside mainly in the gut to support digestion and absorption of nutrients.”

Main point: unless you heal and stabilize the gut, then much of the “good and healthy” foods you eat won’t have a significant change on your body weight in the long term; most often, the body isn’t digesting or absorbing the macro-nutrients well enough for sustainable weight loss change.

“Enzymes are “necessary for every chemical reaction in the body,” says Rawlings, and these are in abundance in bone broth and fermented foods.


Reset Your Night to Sleep Better

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The Importance of Sleep

Everyone wants a better night’s sleep, right? That’s the primary target and also the byproduct of our targeted key weight loss imbalance of hormones.

According to The Brain Fog Fix, there are three main hormones that influence both our brain and body that need to be restored to your normal levels: serotonin, dopamine, and cortisol (pg. 11).

Take a moment and click on this link for an excellent infographic summarizing just a few hormones and their unique roles:

Serotonin is not only important for getting good sleep, it reduces food cravings.  However, boosting serotonin and other hormones is not a simple equation, where you just add one factor for production; it is an overall combination of multiple food nutrients and chemical reactions.

So why focus on hormones in the evening?  Good question.

Quality of sleep definitively impacts the quality of your day.  Wake up energized and you are ready to tackle the world! You feel optimistic, can think clearly, and are generally in a better mood (even if you are a pessimist).

Not to mention that missing even a few hours of sleep from the recommended eight hours has been proven to put a person in a brain fog, actually impairing ability to perform daily tasks.

Then, connect sleep to hormones via your circadian rhythm, which is the natural flow of cortisol.   Disrupt your sleep enough times, have more stress than you planned for in your life, and then add weight gain to your body, cortisol becomes one of your biggest enemies.

Cortisol is like a bully: he’ll leave you alone if he has what he needs but if not, he’s coming after your lunch money and will make you miserable!

More Available Nutrients

Following an Afternoon reset, the Night reset will have more available nutrients; fermented foods will increase absorption for the whole meal as well as when you have bone broth!

For example, Dr. Dow shows how slow burning carbohydrates contain amino acids that keep the blood-brain barrier open long enough so that the amino acids can combine with vitamins to produce hormones.

Since you’ve targeted the bulk of your food choices in the Daily Reset Your Afternoon, these nutrients are now present in your body to be used throughout the night. Read this post on why carbs are important in a healthy diet.

All the types of B vitamins play a significant role in balancing hormones, emotions, and restful sleep.  Fortunately, the process of fermentation creates a plethora of these B vitamins so it is easy to have them readily available for the body to absorb and synthesize.  An added bonus is that fermented foods provide the macro-nutrients that are required in order for hormone conversion to take place.

Stable Blood Sugar Levels During Sleep

Nighttime snacks or a balanced evening meal on this Reset will prevent overloading the brain with insulin and soothe the digestive tract with food bacteria.

A small, healthy meal in the evening bolsters the body’s nighttime energy reserves so that your body doesn’t wake you up between 1-4 am. Providing the body with a means of getting uninterrupted sleep at night will directly impact cortisol levels in addition to making you feel less stressed because you finally had a good night’s sleep!

The emotional benefits of sound slumber will then positively impact your ability to make healthier choices throughout the day, especially the morning, setting you up for long-term success and motivation. See the cycle?

Carb Cycling

Reset Your Night is when you should enjoy a tad more healthy carbs in order to sustain your blood sugar levels while you are sleeping.  These would be foods in the “low glycemic index” category and the total portion size should still be small: think 3 golf balls.

Because your cortisol hormone should naturally taper off around 4 pm, during the evening, your body will use the carbs as energy; and, since they have a more complex nutritional profile, they will take longer to digest, slowly releasing nutrients and sugar into the blood.

Taking a natural prebiotic fiber supplement (not Miralax!) at this time as well will feed your gut bacteria as well, which will help your body remove toxins!

A good night’s sleep will help to reduce some of the inflammation by processing toxins during sleep, which leads into the cyclical target of the Reset Your Morning!

Create a New Cycle

Using research and best practices, I’ve outlined a Reset Your Weight Lifestyle Reset Plan that will heal and repopulate your gut as well as create better eating habits for sustainable (and mindless) weight loss.

The Lifestyle plan is how you move forward in your weight loss goals from not just using food for weight loss, but to enjoying the foods that create health and happiness without concern for weight gain.

Let me help you personalize these Daily Resets with my FREE Planner and 15 page Guide!


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