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2 Ways To Cut Your Food Costs and Still Lose Weight

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What Reset Your Weight offers is both free and freedom:

  • Freedom from food, food cravings, excessive weight, and the need to exercise
  • No recurring fees or special food items that weight loss is contingent upon
  • No cost for monthly supplements required for weight loss to continue
  • Freedom from a strict or regimented plan that is not personal or relational to a support system for success

Be obsessed with life, not the weight of food


You are free from all this with any one of the food plans on Reset Your Weight.  In fact, you are free to pick and choose, or isolate, or increase, or delete (you get the picture) any weight loss principles that work for your body and mind.  It is entirely your choice.

Some choices will lead to greater weight loss if the Basics are understood and incorporated into your meals.  Reset Your Weight’s food Basics (bone broth, probiotic foods and drinks, and complex carbs) are not confined to specific recipes or food groups.  Enjoy food, lose weight.  Simple and free.

Tip 1: Recycle Food Scraps

save your veggie scraps!

When preparing a meal, there is usually veggie scraps that are tossed in the garbage or put in a compost bin.  Why not save those edible scraps and turn them into a new food that will detox and heal your body so that the weight just seems to melt away, specifically around the belly?   Read my post,  The Significance of Bone Broth.

add bone broth to simmering beef
Frozen bone broth cubes

Basic, homemade bone broth is the best way to maximize weight loss and sustain those losses.  It’s very easy to make, store, and use.  Adding it to meals and simmering water for pasta and grains is not even noticeable to the taste.

Add to your veggie scraps any bones from meals, cooked or uncooked.  When you purchase meats, use bone-in as it is cheaper and better for you (bones release nutrients into the meat) then save the bones in the freezer.    Reduce, reuse, recycle; it even works with food!

Tip 2: Reuse Fresh Ingredients

fermented cranberry sauce, healthy eatingMore often than not, there are leftover fresh ingredients from a meal or recipe.  It only takes a few extra minutes in the kitchen to turn that raw ingredient into a weight loss powerhouse by fermenting it.  What is fermentation? Read Gut Health, Fermentation, and Weight Loss.

fermentation, probiotics, raw, vegetablesBoost the nutritional content of a cucumber with live, beneficial bacteria and make it a pickle!  Eat half for a snack or on a salad and ferment the rest by combining water, spices, and sea salt.  Wait about a week and you can enjoy your own probiotic food with meals or as a snack so that you are losing weight with food.

Lose Weight on Your Budget

budgeting, food, healthy eating, meal plannYou have to purchase food to stay alive, anyway 😉  Use what you have, without the added cost of additional supplements or powders.

Reset Your Weight will share countless tips and ways to make losing weight with food easy and on your terms.  By recycling food scraps and reusing bones for broth and raw foods for ferments, you will start to see some weight loss and inches gone just by trying and incorporating them into your meals.

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