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Cultured Mushrooms (for Health) and Weight Loss

fermentation, fermented foods, beneficial bacteria, healthy, gut health, microbiomeOur Mushroom History

I got played.

For years, my spouse has been looking for any opportunity to grow his own mushrooms.  In yet another effort to convince me to help him bore HUNDREDS of holes into logs and then individually place Fungi Perfecti’s mushroom plugs into said logs, he “casually” looked up fermenting mushrooms while we were lounging on the couch.

He started with the health benefits of mushrooms, “recalling” that the one year I had taken an immunity supplement made with a variety of mushrooms I was never sick.  “True,” I said.

“There’s even a mushroom that tastes like lobster…”

“Mushrooms help you lose weight,” he kept selectively reading as he perused websites.

The Skinny on Mushrooms

Displaying IMG_20160301_133655.jpgDisplaying IMG_20160301_133655.jpgmushrooms, healthy eating, weight lossWhat did he end up ordering? He chose four mushrooms based on taste and flavor, growth, and those that are “optimal for fermenting.”

So while we are awaiting our first ever Fungi Perfecti order of 400 mushroom plugs… he reminded me that we had some dried shiitake mushrooms in our cabinet and found a recipe for me.

So I fermented them. Just so I’d know what the heck I would be doing over the next year with the 400 mushrooms that I’ll have happily growing in my yard.  I’m a planner…

DIY Fermented Mushrooms

Firstly, I’d like to say that not many people actually ferment mushrooms…and post it on the web!  My spouse narrowed the narrow search down to this post by Urban Farm Online and it worked great.  Here’s what I did with their recipe:

mushrooms, fermentation, probiotics, weight loss

Since I always forget when it’s ready for eating, I’ve found it helpful to write the “check on date” onto the lid.  I’m excited to try this in my soups!

Have you fermented mushrooms before? What’s your opinion of the best fermented mushroom flavor?

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