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Crunchy Fermented Pickles

Get Fresh With Your Weight 

fermentation, probiotics, raw, vegetablesGrow your own cucumbers or wait til they go on sale and make fermented pickles.  Not really sold on the taste of probiotic foods? Eat half a cucumber for a snack and ferment the other half in a small glass jar just to try it out. (Halve the recipe below.)

Use sea salt-or any other salt other than iodized, some herbs you have already in your spice cabinet, and slice or spear the cucumbers; I slice and spear in the same jar!  Wait about a week and you can enjoy your own probiotic food with meals or as a snack.

Like sweet and sour pickles? Loving Our Guts has a great recipe: Lacto-fermented Bread and Butter Pickles.

Basic Fermented Pickles

1 quart glass jar with lid

2 T sea salt, 1 t dill (or 1 fresh sprig), 1 t peppercorns, (1/2 t crushed red peppers)

2-3 fresh cucumbers, washed, and seeds removed (if preferred)

1-2 fresh garlic cloves (optional); these taste great in soups after fermented (they will eventually turn blue or green-that’s normal!)

Slice or spear the cucumbers and put in jar, keeping them 1″ below the rim.  Add spices and salt.  Fill jar to 1″ rim with water (non-chlorinated) and shake with the top secured to mix.

Open the jar and press saran wrap or a closed ziploc bag of water on top of the submerged cucumbers. Or, use the end of an onion in the top of the jar!

Reseal loosely and store in an area that stays between 64-72 degrees in temperature; the cabinet about the fridge usually works well with the door cracked open.

You can “burp” the jar once a day or just put the jar on a plate to catch any overflow; the salt water will become cloudy and there may be some bubbles.  This is good!  Wait about a week and give it a taste.  When “done,” store in the fridge.

Reset Your Weight

Adding probiotics into your digestive system restores the balance in the gut and will change your weight as a result.  The healthiest, “leanest” people have trillions of beneficial bacteria, probiotics, in their digestive system.  Even a slow and steady “drip” of probiotics into the gut should decrease your weight by 5-10 pounds in half a year!

There is a definitive “correlation between how the gut microbiota [in the stomach and intestines] determines body weight” [2]

Food is the best source of fuel for the body and probiotic foods are nutrient-dense.  Over time, you will eat less food because your digestive system is supplied with beneficial bacteria that can utilize all the nutrients in a fermented food to the best of its ability.   For more information, read my post Gut Health, Fermentation, and Weight Loss or Detox, Healing, and Weight Loss.

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