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4 Common Struggles with Fermented Foods + 25 Solutions

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Many diets and food plans are finally capitalizing on the health and weight loss benefits of fermented foods like pickles, kraut, kimchi, and even sourdough and tempeh.

Smoothie lovers boost their morning’s green goodness with probiotic milk or coconut kefir and soda lovers are turning to the probiotic (and yeast) powerhouse of kombucha (just look at how many are available at your local grocery stores!!!).

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Good, Old Habits

But what if you’ve been eating fermented foods so consistently that now this awesome habit seems to be so automatic that you forget about it?  Admit it! Sometimes even healthy habits need a reboot-a flavor kick in the pants to rekindle your love of its nutritional profile 😉

Personally, I’ve been making, brewing, and eating fermented foods and drinks for over 6 years. Wow. And while my comfort level with creating these simple DIY probiotic foods is unwavering, sometimes my awareness of their significance to my health and weight is definitely forgotten and pushed to the back of my mind-much like the fermented jars of foods currently in my fridge.

Daily Dose of Mindfulness

What to do? I asked myself.  While I do take a daily probiotic supplement in addition to fiber and other prebiotic foods, eating raw, enzyme-filled, trillions of beneficial bacteria in food form that outnumber any pill form should be at the forefront of my mind for a healthier gut and optimal body weight. (This and bone broth are key to sustainable weight loss-learn more here.)

Here’s 25 solutions to the 4 reasons why many of us struggle with eating fermented foods daily.  And, if the healthier you needs a reminder on how to incorporate all your food weight loss goals, be sure to instantly download my free Daily Reset Planner as a tool to keep you mindful and focused throughout the day 🙂

Struggle # 1: You simply forget about them.

  1. Quick grab toppings (fermented peppers, red onions, hot sauce) upfront in fridge or on door shelf
  2. Write it on a recipe card as a side or cooked into the meal
  3. Put it on automatic shipment from an online store; there are soo many great companies available-download my free planner and get all the online store information in the accompanying guide book!
  4. Leave it out on the counter for the day so you see it (it will be fine!)
  5. Add it directly to the week’s meal plan
  6. Use the Reset Your Weight Daily Planner (each meal I ask) prompts-with fillable check mark boxes on the PDF form!!! 
  7. Start a food swap or join up with a local food share or fermentation class (check out this awesome roaming classroom bus tour schedule)
  8. Drinks! Load your trip cooler or purse with a store-bought bottle of Farmhouse Culture Gut Shots or chips, kombucha, or KeVita probiotic water kefir (BTW, I review all of these options in the Guide Book with the free download)
  9. Rotate your varieties based on food availability (apples and peaches in fall, cabbage in March, cucumbers in the summer):

    (via LifeHacker.com @lifehacker)
  10. Just go ahead and take a supplement while you tell yourself again about all the benefits of probiotics for easier weight loss (need a reminder? read this post)
  11. Visual cues like more fermenting foods or drinks on your counter

Struggle # 2: You only eat one variety.

  1. Get yourself excited with a new recipe or cookbook like this one: Ferment Your Vegetables Book Cover Final
  2. Order online from different companies- there are soooo many flavors of kimchi, kraut, drinks, and salsas!
  3. Visit your local health food store to see what they sell or who they know for a local how-to class in your area
  4. Think outside of the box and be creative (applesauce kraut with oatmeal! Fermented lemons in smoothies, honey-sweet ferment in Oriental dishes)
  5. Pair favorite foods with a particular flavor (turmeric kraut for Indian foods)
  6. Change up your produce: use coconut kefir, apple or pear chutney, hot sauce peppers, daikon radish pickle spears)
  7. Sourdough bread and other fermented flour baking (waffles, pancakes, muffins)
  8. Probiotic condiments (think: add yogurt whey, mix, leave on counter during day)
  9. Probiotic drinks
  10. Smoothie recipe book + kefir
  11. Fermented veggie side dishes or snack add on
  12. Follow these people on IG for inspiration!!

Struggle # 3: It gets pushed to the back of the fridge.

  1. Designate a shelf or specific location (left side of middle shelf)
  2. Use the door shelves to store the jars
  3. Replace some store-bought condiments with pretty glass jars of fermented ones
  4. Use pretty glass jars
  5. Learn to clean out fridge more often (write it into your monthly planner)

Struggle #4: You run out or have one forkful left.

  1. Keep 2-3 fermented foods in the fridge: variety for where ever the mood takes you 😉
  2. Stash some kraut in the freezer for later (it does not kill the good bacteria and will taste sweeter when thawed)
  3. Use the left over brine in the jar to jump the next batch (or to ferment whatever veggies you have on hand at the moment since it literally takes 5 minutes to prepare and be done)
  4. Watch a Facebook Live video of mine for a quick DIY recap and recipes to boost your confidence
  5. Designate a time of the month to make another batch or try a new recipe
  6. Write ingredients onto shopping list when you are halfway through the jar
  7. Match a very small batch (less time needed before it’s ready!) while you make the larger one (or with what veggies or fruit you have in your fridge)

Reset Your Weight with Fermented Foods

I hope this list of 25 solutions (plus 10 more 😉 helped rekindle your love affair with not only the flavors and varieties of probiotic foods, but your desire to include these gut friendly, weight loss boosting real foods into your daily eating habits.

So, dust off your knife and go clean a glass jar for your next fermented food-and, don’t forget to be inspired and blown away by all the ah.mazing flavor combos that local and online companies sell.

Need some inspiration? Click the image below for recipes and DIY tutorials.  Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook for easy tips and encouragement on your real food lifestyle journey for losing weight!

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