Challenge Reset: 1 Meal, 5 Flavors

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If there was an easy way and a hard way to lose weight, which one would you choose?

  • Are you finding yourself trying to choose foods and diet plans that are high in lean protein?
  • Sustain you with healthy fats, carbs that don’t spike blood sugar levels?
  • Or, only suggest real, unprocessed foods as the means to losing weight quickly and safely?real food, diet, weight loss

In short, that’s the real way to sustainable weight loss.   Those foods will positively alter the current state of your gut microbiome, switching your bacterial ratio from “fat” to “lean” regardless of your overall meals throughout the weeks and months.

Reset Your Weight takes the best from proven, effective diets and known “super foods” and places the focus on digestive health in order to alter and improve gut health. Real foods can detoxify, heal, and supply much needed nutrition the digestive system for long term, sustainable weight loss.

For those who struggle with weight loss despite eating on a plan, chronic nutritional deficiencies may mean your real food journey takes a bit longer.  Honestly, the real food path is both the easy way and the hard way to lose weight.  It’s hard because it takes time, like most things worth the wait.

Want some really good news? Each meal you eat affects your gut health, for better or worse.

Once you help your body to rid itself of excess toxins (stored in fat cells and organs), replenish enzymes and nutrients, and repopulate your digestive system with beneficial bacteria, the dirt path becomes a maintained road.

Let me offer you a few necessary tools to turn that path into a road as quickly as possible so that you can not only lose weight fast, but sustain those food choices as a lifestyle and keep walking-perhaps even jog or run, toward your optimal weight.

In Support of Food

Deep Traditions and Food Rules author Doctor Shanahan’s research gives great explanations as to why the basics of Reset Your Weight are effective and safe, and better yet, that its effects go beyond weight loss:

She found the commonality among healthy cultures and describes them as her “Four Pillars of Authentic Cuisine. We need to eat them as often as we can, preferably daily. They are I: meat cooked on the bone; II: organs and offal (what Bourdain calls “the nasty bits”); III: fresh (raw) plant and animal products; and IV: better than fresh—fermented and sprouted.”

I designed the Challenge Reset as the primary tool to:

  1. Eliminate food cravings by stabilizing blood sugar levels and
  2. To introduce real, nutritious foods so that any body can be propelled into weight loss quickly and safely.

The nutrient profile of the soup meal is a completely balanced, highly nutritious meal and the slow addition of probiotics introduces good bacteria into the gut microbiome.

The enormous amount of energy people experience around days three to five is the body kicking in to fat-burning mode.  The surge of energy is actually the body using the meal for immediate fuel and then turning to stored fat to burn as additional energy.  You will move past “just wanting to eat” and eat only when the body is actually hungry.

For many, the experience of learning to identify and prepare for the feelings of hunger is an ah-ha moment that positively changes their personal relationship with food.

Be ready to get back all that time you spend thinking about food.  Prep for a hobby, grab that book you’ve wanted to read, or plan on some high intensity activities; and set an alarm-to remind you when to go to bed with enough time to slumber for at least 8 hours. Yup.

“I was in my mid-30s, a former avid runner who let a busy life take over. I stopped exercising and started making very bad food choices, resulting in a 30+ pound weight gain. I felt horrible. I had no energy, had constant asthma flare-ups, and was showing early signs of hypertension. Something had to give.

That’s when Amanda told me about the GAPS diet and how it changed her life. I decided to give it a try. I will not lie; it was tough. There were days I wanted to give up. But with a quick call or text to Amanda, I had the motivation to continue on. With Amanda’s encouragement and knowledge, I persisted and was able to drop over 30 pounds (in 8 weeks) using a combination of GAPS and her beginning research for Reset Your Weight.

The cravings are gone, I have normalized my blood pressure, have rare asthma flare-ups, and I have TONS of energy. So much energy in fact, I am now running 3-7 miles every day! And it feels GREAT!” – JL Harris, Author, Editor, Inspiring Creative Minds

Diets that have it right for the best weight loss:

  • High fiber diets (resistant starch and soluble fiber)
  • High protein with moderate carbohydrate
  • “Living Foods” from raw ingredients
  • Healthy fats
  • Gut health focus
  • Anti-inflammatory foods
  • Unprocessed, whole grain foods

Reset Your Weight combines all of these accurate, healthy weight loss foods into one meal using Basic Bone Broth and Fermented Foods, without following an extensive or regimented plan or even using the term “diet.” I like the direction that the neuroscience Ph.D blogger, Darya Rose, and author of Foodist takes the movement toward weight loss as a “healthstyle.”

The result of those two foods working in tandem to heal, repopulate, and stabilize the gut with beneficial bacteria and readily absorbed nutrients is the simplicity of losing weight with Reset Your Weight.

Be Fast, Furious, and Still Stable

Do I think that you will enjoy living on soups for endless days in order to lose weight? Heck no! However, the less of these choices in addition to soup meals, the quicker the stored fat and inches will come off.  This Basic Meal is like the bulldozer tool for preparing your road.  Use the bulldozer; it’s free and really effective.

Eating your “normal” repertoire of foods can actually help your gut (and mental state) feel not so “diet-y” and stressed since this Basic Meal is probably unlike any of your preferred foods.  Stress is bad; it triggers all sorts of things to happen in your body, which leads to weight gain.  I think we all know how to gain weight at this point in our individual and collective lives.

When I was on the GAPS Introductory Diet five years ago, my gut detoxed so quickly that I couldn’t eat anything but Stage 1 (soups) foods lest I felt like dying (alone, in the bathroom…) and stayed the program course as designed over the period of a few months.  There was literally no leeway.  I designed something a little more flexible, personable, yet just as effective based on research.

One Quick, Basic Meal

It’s that simple.  The Basic meal for quick success that gets you started and joyfully jogging down your new path to a healthy weight using real foods is very simple and can be prepared 5 different flavor ways. Variety is the spice of life and keeps your brain along for the ride 😉

The Basic Meal ingredients:weight loss, healthy living, real food, weight loss, quick

  • 2-4 cups traditional, collagen dense bone broth, not stock (click here for online ordering suggestions)
  • Healthy fat protein, 3-5 ounces (bone-in meats are great)
  • Way more veggies than you think you can actually eat in one meal (try to eat the rainbow during the week!)
  • Spices and herbs for seasoning and an anti-inflammatory boost
  • Probiotic (fermented food, drink or liquid brine of a ferment, supplement, cultured dairy)

5 Flavors for your Basic Meal

In order to effectively capitalize on easy and rapid weight loss, bone broth is both the gas and key to the engine for your free bulldozer.   Aim for 3 cups of bone broth per day through 2 bowls of soup and possibly a hot mug of flavored bone broth as well.

Using a crock pot for multiple meals or one soup pot for each meal, soak/submerge your protein and veggies in the bone broth for as long as possible (at least 20 minutes).  Keep the temp above 165 degrees for proper food safety, but you want to avoid boiling bone broth as to not destroy the collagen, which is really important for health and weight loss.

Depending on how you want to eat the Basic Meal, add your spices and herbs during the simmer or wait til you plate your food.  The probiotic needs to stay under 110 degrees (approximate); don’t boil it or you will kill the beneficial bacteria before they reach your digestive system, making them tasty but useless for weight loss purposes.

I’ve thought of 5 flavorful ways to prepare this Basic Meal.  My cooking skills are based more on time rather than 100% ah-mazing; if you enjoy another cooking method, please share on Instagram as #basicmealchallenge!

  1. As a soup meal
  2. Grilled lightly
  3. Pan seared
  4. Oven roasted, sheet pan cooking
  5. Cold brewed or plated

You can stop there and just enjoy your food freedom, or add some fresh veggie or fermented veggie toppings to your meal.  Please, start with small amounts with the fermented foods!  Here’s a post on using fermented foods in meals.

Also, be sure to keep drinking bone broth, and try to finish any extra broth if you don’t have a soup meal. Make it into a sauce for your meal, gravy, or even a salad dressing (check out The Blender Girl for the recipe).  I can highly recommend the Bare Bones Cookbook for flavor combinations and recipes that are very good and easy to make.

Probiotic suggestions:

  • Swallow your supplement (Bio-Kult suggestion)
  • Fermented spicy kraut, basic kraut, salsa, pickles, radishes, red onions, sweet peppers
  • Cultured dairy (milk kefir), sour cream, store bought plain yogurt
  • Beet Kvass
  • Probiotic drinks: water kefir soda, kombucha, rejuvelac, Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Add dirt organisms (Diatomaceous earth, Bentonite Clay): SBOs
  • prebiotic veggies (which feed the probiotics inside the digestive tract)

Real, fermented foods are much cheaper than a supplement and provide billions-if not trillions, more bacteria that are also accompanied by nutrients, minerals, essential amino acids, and acid for digestion.

“Even the healthiest food has to be broken down and absorbed by the right combination of digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid.

While balancing the gut microbiome is challenging, there are foods that help to influence diversity in the gut microbiome.  Adding in bone broth, kefir, and kombucha are foods that help to influence the bacteria in your belly…” –Food Matters@FoodMattersFilm

probiotic drink water kefir second ferment carbonation

The best part about probiotic foods (and drinks like the kefir and kombucha referenced above) and bone broth is how it changes what seems like an obsession with how you interact with food.

Specifically, many plans and diets have you monitoring or following strict schedules, which is time consuming and causing you to spend even more focused energy on thinking about food!  How tiring!

Gut and Brain Health, Rapid Weight Loss

Bone broth and fermented foods will do the brain work for you, changing your perception of food and your desire to eat less nutritious and sugary foods. Research has proven there is a direct link between the emotional brain and food.  Read a more detailed description about that in The Gut, Brain, and Added Bacteria and Where Tradition and Research Intersect at Weight Loss.  The brain needs fuel to run the body!

Here’s some key points in a recent New York Times article, Can the Bacteria in Your Gut Explain Your Mood? (Yes)

“Since 2007, when scientists announced plans for a Human Microbiome Project to catalog the micro-organisms living in our body, the profound appreciation for the influence of such organisms has grown rapidly with each passing year. Bacteria in the gut produce vitamins and break down our food;”

“In 2011, a team of researchers at University College Cork, in Ireland, and McMaster University, in Ontario, published a study in Proceedings of the National Academy of Science that has become one of the best-known experiments linking bacteria in the gut to the brain.

“For several weeks, the team, led by John Cryan, the neuroscientist who designed the study, fed a small group of healthy rodents a broth infused with Lactobacillus rhamnosus, a common bacterium that is found in humans and also used to ferment milk into probiotic yogurt.

What did they feed the rats?  Broth with probiotics!

“It has long been known that much of our supply of neurochemicals — an estimated 50 percent of the dopamine, for example, and a vast majority of the serotonin — originate in the intestine, where these chemical signals regulate appetite, feelings of fullness and digestion.

gut health, nytimes, bacteriaI’ll end with this final quote on the emotional connection between the gut and the brain.  This above article concludes that, ‘‘If you transfer the microbiota from one animal to another, you can transfer the behavior.’’

This is a tad scary because if you have a society of people eating the same foods, then this implies that their behaviors are yours are similar through the gut-brain connection.

Be different. Break the bond with food through bone broth and fermented foods and free yourself from the behavior that tells you to keep eating everything. Yes, in the beginning, I will stress fermented foods. But, when the beneficial bacteria rule the roost, you’ll find your own pattern of knowing when to add more in order to keep the status quo.   There can be freedom in food.  Try it.  I challenge you!

The Challenge Reset

weight loss, habits, healthyI call it the Challenge Reset because the longer you can go just eating this Basic Meal/ 5 Flavors, the better off your body will be for starting down the road to sustainable weight loss.  It detoxes, heals, nourishes all at once in a simple manner.

Sure, you could lose pounds and inches during the Challenge Reset and then go back to eating whatever you wanted.  Eventually, the weight will return.  It’s a quick fix for shedding pounds if that is your primary goal.

The Challenge Reset is significant in more ways than just shedding excess fat quickly and safely; bone broth, probiotics, and real, unprocessed food will redefine your relationship with eating and your body weight permanently when it is given time to heal the gut microbiome and absorb nutrients properly.

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