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The Skinny on Carbohydrates

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The Body Needs Carbohydrates

Based on our research on “Will” power (read post), the best way to discuss the impact of carbohydrates on weight loss (and gain)  is through the concept of a sliding scale.  Foods interact and balance each other, with the best pairings being like tiny, nutrient dense meals.

Snacking isn’t really a necessity, as you shouldn’t need to stabilize blood sugar levels often if your main sources of foods are nutrient dense.  Read this post about intermittent fasting.  When you are just starting out eating less processed boxed foods and limiting refined flours, breaking up 2-3 main meals over the day into 5-6 smaller portions will help!

Impact on Blood Sugar

The more nutrients you can pack in together, the digestive system can efficiently absorb and metabolize the food, responding with the production of insulin in healthy amounts that can be used immediately by the body.

Image result for low glycemic index free infographic

sugar, addiction, health, healthy eating, healthy dietAn overload of sugar into the system triggers an overload in creation of insulin, which equals FAT.  The excess insulin that is not used in the digestion of the food gets stored all over your body in fat cells.

The key to food is its impact on blood glucose levels as it relates directly to your waistline and mood; for your body, food is fuel.

Good Combinations

When you are consuming broth as a soup meal with your carbohydrates and protein in it, paying attention to your food pairings and overall carbohydrates is less of an issue. If you are not putting them in broth, then your carbohydrate selection and pairing need to have more attention paid to it.real food, diet, weight loss

Bone broth is highly nutritious and key to unlocking nutrients and catapulting weight loss because it boosts the ability of food to be absorbed and used by your body efficiently, leading to greater weight loss.

healthy eating, probiotics, cabbageAdding a probiotic fermented food will tend to eliminate any need for monitoring food choices when your gut is healthy; the stabilization of the gut from this addition has a tremendous impact on overall regulation and absorption.

Pairing low starch carbohydrate foods with high starch foods at the same time will average the overall effect on blood glucose levels.  Many of this nutritional profiling can be found online, with the best source being the Australian Glycemic Index (GI) chart.  Read this post for an overview!

This classification system is only measuring the carbohydrates in a food source, not its total nutritional value.  This is important because other components of food like fats and proteins are necessary for good health and weight loss, with the glycemic index being proven to be essential to sustainable weight loss. However, there are many variants with using only the GI.

Essentially, the highest GI veggies are potatoes, corn, carrots, and tomatoes. Always pair these with other foods or simply ferment them to boost their nutritional content.  In our discussions on starch, it is actually the limit on simple carbohydrates that leads to weight loss and the low GI food lists are a helpful tool for limiting carbohydrate choices.


healthy fat, raw, vegetarianTo lessen the need to exert willpower over food choices, find your preferred veggie or good choices on the list and come up with your “If-then” and go-to food choices.  Love potatoes? Eat them sparingly but always with a high protein or fat food like cheese.  Or, eat them just after harvest, called “new potatoes.”

Switch to sweet potatoes and make a plethora of recipes with them.  Have fun experimenting with food combos that incorporate some of your favorite “weightier” foods.  One of my favorite recipe sites for all things sweet potatoes is  Go, get inspired!

You can do this; you have both the power and the choice to accomplish this task! Have fun with it and relax.  If it’s your style, then make up snack baggies of these quick combos for an easy response to “I want to eat everything in this fridge.”

Hate that feeling or tired of wrestling with those emotions?  Step up your Reset by eating more natural fats and by adding in another Basic (broth or probiotic foods) and watch as that “pull” fades quickly away.  Read more about Daily Reset foods to eliminate cravings and weight!

Carbs and Weight Loss

Gaining control over carbs is brutal, but a necessary evil.  Again, fermenting veggie carbs almost eliminates the pull to “eat all carbs” as an issue in relation to weight loss.

Decide to either gradually and sequentially incorporate more of the complex carbs and pairings of complex with simple carbs and proteins, or take an elimination approach, whichever you mentally respond better to:

  • Fruit and protein (apples and cheese, ripe banana with peanut butter or fried in coconut oil)
  • Vegetable and protein (celery with peanut butter and a few raisins, carrots with hummus, broccoli-cauliflower salad with nuts)
  • 100% Whole grain, fruit or veggie, and protein (wheat berry salad, sourdough bread with jam and peanut butter)

Some other great food plans that deal with carbohydrate regulation that many people find success with are:

Make Carbs Easy to Digest

There are differing perspectives on the effectiveness of food pairings, as always.  The underlying factor slice the onion top for a prebiotic weight inside jarfor the greatest impact on weight would be how they aid or inhibit digestion, affect inflammation and hormone levels through blood sugar levels.

Like previously mentioned, garlic and onions are a probiotic’s preparatory meal; they provide an added boost to the strength of the probiotic during consumption.  These are called “prebiotic” as they come before the “biotic.”

Adding a digestive enzyme to your supplements, SBOs and probiotics will help your body digest and absorb more nutrients.  Fermented foods naturally have a digestive enzymes and probiotics for much cheaper!  Interested in learning more about prebiotics and probiotics? Read this post.

High Fiber Carbs for Weight Loss

weight loss, healthy, sproutedThe fiber in most vegetables keeps digestion moving along smoothly and their carbohydrates energize muscles; adding a meat protein will help repair tissue.  High fiber carbohydrate foods like legumes, nuts and seeds are both a high-fiber carb and protein, leaving you fuller longer because high fiber complex carbs take hours to digest.[i]

The New York Times newspaper went back to a study done in the 1940s on hunger and its review of results points to an important aspect of weight loss.  While their study focused on starvation and the effect of hunger, the findings suggest a strong link between the quality of carbohydrates and fats consumed and weight loss. 

In the study, sustained deprivation of complex carbs and fats lead to emotional breakdown and over eating, which lead to a rapid increase in post-starvation weight. [ii]  The emotional pull of eating after being starved of food and, more importantly- quality foods, seemed to alter the mental capabilities of the participants.

While this study showed the detrimental effects of starvation, which then lead to greater post-starvation eating, one interesting aspect that they did discuss was the emotional instability of the patients during and after the planned starvation diet.

It will be very beneficial to add a fiber supplement to your nighttime routine to help feed your gut bacteria:


In this 1940s study, the subjects’ emotional instability did not improve, but rather, it declined further after food was then introduced back into their life. They were not able to get a good grasp on their diets; their bodies not only didn’t crave good foods, but kept spiraling down until those who had low-carb and low-fat diet literally went insane.

Review your relationship with “Mr. Will” (willpower) so that you can help yourself through this process, using strategies that will boost and build your willpower muscle.  And, don’t do too much at once. Take it slow so that you set yourself up for progress.  Need some suggestions? Read this post!

While most of us would like a quick scheme or formula for losing weight quickly and effortlessly, it should have some planning in order to be accomplished in a safe and sustainable manner.


sourdough bouleA healthy weight needs to be fueled by carbohydrates on a daily basis-but not by much.  The consensus seems to be about half to a forth cup of complex carbs with each meal, with vegetables being included in this category.

By preparing them in a variety of ways such as raw or juiced, simmered in broth, fermented, or baked in a sourdough (don’t forget whole grains are great carbs), carbohydrates aid in weight loss.

Instead of focusing on which carbohydrate to eat all the time, think of creative and new ways to prepare them, unlocking different nutrient profiles and flavors!

Reset Your Weight

If you don’t want to overthink the body’s need for quality or pairing of carbohydrates, then I strongly suggest you consider including more bone broth soaked veggies and the food preservation method of fermentation!

Both are extremely easy and will increase your body’s ability to heal, which translates to weight loss.




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