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Carbohydrates Are Key to a Healthy Weight Lifestyle

Carbohydrates are Key to a Healthy Weight

Dr. Alan Christianson, NMD and author of The Adrenal Reset Diet, states that “When in good health, we are able to keep our weight at a range conducive to our good health despite inevitable variations in day to day food intake” (pg. 45).

The basis of his diet is to restore a person’s natural level and rhythm of the hormone cortisol by cycling carbohydrates.  Specifically, he focuses on carbohydrates that a high in all three forms of fiber as a means of influencing blood sugar levels through cortisol production.

Carbohydrate consumption holds the key to stabilizing blood sugar levels because of its direct impact on the master hormone, insulin.

Carbohydrates that do not immediately cause your body to excrete insulin are always the better choice; foods that are high in fiber and nutrients will help your body process carbohydrates effectively.

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The Carb- Hormone Link

fermentation, anti inflammatory, regulate blood sugarReset Your Weight supports the adrenal “carb cycling” approach with the targeted, time of day Daily Resets.

You don’t have to confine yourself to the same foods each day for best results; explore all of the lower glycemic foods and different ways of cooking them.

Another leading MD on how to lose weight by balancing hormones and metabolism is Dr. Scott Isaacs, author of Hormonal Balance. He conducted research on how hormones influence both the body and brain and its link between food and cravings.

He states definitively:

“The answer to achieving a healthy body weight is in your hormones” (pg. 23) and that there is a dynamic relationship of flux over control between the brain and hormones (pg. 24).

His answer?  Food, “eating to outsmart your hungry hormones” (pg. 31); Control your hormones and your metabolism using the glycemic index rating for carbohydrates and by simply eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Reset Your Weight capitalizes on this by further unlocking the nutrients in veggies with the process of fermentation.  Again, the plethora of B vitamins and the pre-processing of the carbohydrate’s sugar during fermentation is easily used as energy on a cellular level instead of being available to be stored as fat.

Better yet, kick up your approach by fermenting these vegetable carbohydrates so that you introduce more probiotics into your system.

Daily Resets restore balance to the key weight management issues of H.I.M: Hormones, Inflammation, and Metabolism. Not sure which issue is your culprit for stubborn weight gain? Read this post.

Carbs That Have Fiber

Fiber feeds the beneficial bacteria throughout the digestive system, repopulating and restoring it as the dominant type of bacteria in the gut.

All clinical studies prove that lean, thin, and healthy people have a plethora of beneficial bacteria that keep the pathogenic, sugar craving bacteria at low counts. Same goes for very healthy elderly people!

Read this: ‘Ridiculously healthy’ elderly have the same gut microbiome as healthy 30-year-olds

Pathogenic bacteria cause your body to be inflamed, create, and store fat.

Fight back by including high fiber foods into your meals daily, but a nighttime supplement works great as well.  Dr. Perlmutter, author of the Grain Brain and the Grain Brain Whole Life Plan recommends this:

Carb “Transformers” Foods

I like to call some very balanced carbohydrate foods “transformers”! Bone broth and fermented veggies are my top transformers for health and weight loss.

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci, best-selling author of The Bone Broth Diet, has based decades of her medical and clinical expertise on the restorative properties of bone broth.  Not to mention that bone broth has been used medicinally and as a staple food for centuries across the world.

Here’s one example: While simply switching to a raw, plant based, fiber filled diet is excellent, your body will quickly detox and may not efficiently absorb all of the available nutrients-especially when you start to restore balance for weight loss.

That’s where bone broth steps in to step up the process. By simmering or cooking the veggies in bone broth you:

  • aid in detox while at the same time soothing and healing the whole digestive system
  • provide a healthy ratio of protein and healthy fat with the carbohyrate
  • introduce amino acids to the meal
  • replenish the body’s vitamin and mineral stores
  • restore cell and digestive damage
  • make the meal easily digestible
  • add a huge source of gelatin, or collagen, for repairing the mucosal lining

If you were to then add in a forkful of probiotic filled carbohydrates to your bone broth-based meal, you’d be:

  • adding enzymes, amino acids,
  • boosting many key vitamins and minerals
  • introducing live, active beneficial bacteria into the digestive system;
  • fermented foods made with fibrous vegetables feed the beneficial bacteria throughout the digestive tract and
  • making the whole meal easily digestible and soothing to the digestive tract

bone broth, healthy eating, healthyRead this post for ideas of how to easily add fermented foods into your meals and this post by a dietitian: 


When I only incorporated the recommended daily amount of raw veggies into my food choices, I had more energy; however, the quick cleansing was harsh and painful for me.

My joints ached and my digestion “movements” were all out of whack.  Just adding one cup of bone broth into my daily food helped tremendously because of the high amount of healing collagen.

You can eat a raw diet and not benefit from the majority of the nutrients because your body is unable to properly absorb it, especially after years of toxins and damage.  Bone broth heals and seals the lining of your gut so that the food stays in the digestive system.  (There are specific strains of beneficial bacteria in fermented foods that accomplish the same purpose, too.)

While bone broth heals and makes your whole meal easily digestible, the inclusion of fermented foods at the same time will provide the enzymes and other macro-nutrients that will readily combine with the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids from the bone broth for a much smoother, healthier transition.

Finding Balance

Both of these best-selling author-physicians on hormonal regulation confirm that meals with healthy carbs and fat along with protein will lead to permanent weight loss; a bone broth soup meal is one of the simplest ways to accomplish this necessary, long term balance.

real food, diet, weight lossSpecifically, the Reset Your Weight Basic Meal:

  • quickly and effectively balances hormones,
  • reduces inflammation, and
  • increases metabolism for safe weight loss in both pounds and inches

More importantly, the inclusion of probiotics from fermented food or drink supplies the body with enzymes to help the body process and absorb the bone broth.  The probiotics step in to restore communication between the brain and hormonal system as well as the digestive system.

Reset Your Weight is fast and effective as a result of combining the proven results of hormonal balance and its subsequently related metabolism using bone broth with the sustainability of a healthy gut microbiome from probiotics.

As Edison recommended, the “novel and interesting ideas…used successfully by others” of bone broth and fermented foods for better health and weight management have been adapted by Reset Your Weight in order to maximize the best practices from the medical, psychological, and nutritional fields to make sustainable weight loss an easy cycle where food does the heavy lifting.

Carbs + Healthy Weight Lifestyle 

Keep the basics simple:

  • Use bone broth daily to buffer the transition to incorporating at least 5-7 servings of veggies and fruits into your daily food choices. Bone broth is also an excellent meal of protein, healthy fat, and nutrients that restore digestive functioning
  • Experiment with probiotic drinks and fermented foods to find the flavors and combinations you enjoy so that you can repopulate your individual gut microbiome with beneficial bacteria that will consume the provided necessary nutrition from the veggie and fruit carbs
  • Mix it up and keep it novel so that your brain nor belly doesn’t get bored, eating foods you enjoy but don’t control you
  • Choosing to eat fermented foods and bone broth BEFORE you eat processed or refined foods will help break the cycle of dependence and cravings, leading to food freedom
  • Take it slow, knowing that the inclusion of any healthy food choices are working to meet your goal of resetting your weight with food, not exercise


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