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Bone Broth Cheese Sauce Recipe

Benefits of Bone Broth

healthy fat, broth, healthy eating, weight lossBone broth is a miracle elixir, the golden liquid of the ancients, that will detox, heal, and nourish your body every time.  Read more about its significance in this post!

It may seem daunting and a bit tasteless to just drink a steamy mug of bone broth.  I agree.  In fact, while I absolutely love the benefits of having bone broth in my body, I find myself sometimes resisting that hot mug of wonder.  Blah. Just too many other tasty options!

A drink is so limiting anyways, right?  Let’s hide it! LOL.

In all honesty, joking aside, bone broth is an excellent substitution for many canned broth options and milk-based sauces in addition to simmering water for grains and pasta.

Bone broth can even replace the liquid ingredient in smoothies.  With a banana.  Bananas make everything taste yummier.

Bone Broth Cheese Sauce

I came across this bone broth for milk substitution when my kids wanted to have mac and cheese but I was completely out of any type of liquid milk.  I made my butter-flour rue and then poured in bone broth.  It set up nicely so I continued to add the cheese and stirred for the final product, adding spices.  The kids never noticed as they chowed down on the bone broth-not-milk cheese sauce mac and cheese.

I was onto something!

healthy eating, bone broth, fermentation, sourdoughToday, we made sourdough pretzels (start to finish 4 hours unlike many overnight sourdough bread recipes) and my teen son thought a cheese dipping sauce would make the pretzels a lunch instead of a snack.  I was down with that forward thinking…in that moment.

Why was I comfortable with making a bread a meal (with cheese and bone broth)? Read this post about Sourdough!

Recipe (5 minutes)

Melt 2 T of butter on low heat in a sauce pan and then stir in 2 T of flour.

Mix, then add 1 cup of bone broth.  Stir until smooth.

Add 1 cup shredded cheese, your choice.  Stir until smooth.

Add 1-2 T mustard (or 1-2 t dry mustard), 1/2 t of salt and pepper, and mix.

Read this post for even more ideas on how to use bone broth each day: More Than Soup: 5 Ways to Use Bone Broth Each Day.