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The Beginning of Reset Your Weight

A Diet Is Short Term Loss

It’s a love-hate relationship, being on a diet.

calendarMost people love the immediate weight loss from being on a “diet” plan that has proven “results.”  How many people also love the weight gain that slowly creeps back on after the initial emotional dedication and determination fades? Not many.

I must confess; I’m not much of a dieter.  I love food too much.  But, over 6 years ago, I did the very strict gut healing GAPS “diet.”  I absolutely loved everything that resulted from specifically using the GAPS diet- from losing weight to increased energy, no arthritis pain, smoother skin and a fuller head of hair.

At the same time, I absolutely hated the GAPS diet so much that I really wanted to “do it again” but kept pushing it off, “starting” it for more than a year, it seemed!  The first few weeks are very difficult. I likened it to boot camp for both the mind and the body. Sometimes, feeling like crap seemed better!  And, once you start, if you do the full GAPS introduction regime like my husband and I did that year, there’s no going back.  I have personal testimony to this.  It’s hard core, but the principles are life changing…

A Reset Is Sustainable

GAPS diet, health, gut healingWhile it is true that GAPS is a diet followed closely by many for healing the gut, for my purposes, I instead used it and other “diet” plans and books as a starting point to maximize weight loss.  I used these guidelines as a reset to my life, and, my weight.  My weight was a direct result of poor food choices and binge food eating of sugary treats.  For me, the GAPS diet was pivotal in resetting my ways, which lead to a healthier life, better food choices, no sugar addiction, and best of all, weight loss.

When anyone wants to commit to losing weight, they use the term “diet” for this change.  If, however, sustainable, successful weight loss is your goal, then you should consider a Reset; a reset is more than a short weight loss but a means of determining how food impacts your weight and the approach you want to take to accomplish that weight loss.

Eat Food To Lose Weight

I am a professed Foodie. The home cook kind due to having many boys to feed.  I would eat out at gourmet restaurants every day if I could afford it! Instead, I live vicariously through food magazines such as Savour on Twitter and America’s Test Kitchen, and I would love to spend my whole paycheck at Whole Foods. I simply cannot.

One glorious day, I met another Foodie. I like to call her My Martha Stewart because I can ask her anything and she knows how to make it awesome, showing me as she goes along. Her favorite cookbook is Nourishing Traditions, which happens to be a GAPS diet cookbook, of sorts. She grinds her own grains, grows her own eggs, has a winter garden, and cans everything and anything. Did you know that stinging nettle can be a substitute for vegetable broth? It has an amazing depth of flavor- just from one plant…

Her name is Heather. If you had never met Heather, you would never have known the changes that she has made to her life in relation to food. She, in fact, used to be well over 200 pounds but has lost the excess weight and kept it off for nearly two decades.  Heather started her own company where she was a lifestyle coach, helping other people overcome their weight by eating low glycemic foods.

She helped me to see how important food is to our bodies on many levels, and how I can use it as a tool for change in both my body and in my mindset.

Find Food’s Purpose

sugar, addiction, health, healthy eating, healthy dietSadly, and like many other people, I use food to soothe. The soothing eventually turned into a sugar addiction.  Sound silly and far-fetched that sugar is as addictive, acting like cocaine would in your system? Unfortunately, just like smoking was thought to be “safe” in the early 1900s, sugar addiction is real.  Over the past few years, major reputable news venues have even brought it into public light, as opposed to it being just an organics crowd movement.  Read more about it in my post, Is Sugar Addictive.  But don’t just take my word on it; here’s what research has found:

 “Sugar is addictive. And we don’t mean addictive in that way that people talk about delicious foods.

We mean addictive, literally, in the same way as drugs.” New York Times (Dec 2014)

I’m consider myself lucky in that I’ve seen the other side-the side where sugar isn’t dictating what and when I eat and I’m not feeling an emotional pull to food, hungry or not.  I’m surprised at how many people do not know about how to apply the basics of any great diet, especially GAPS, to their specific needs as a way for losing weight, improving health, eliminating sugar, increasing energy, and restoring the body-all without exercise.

I’ve found that when I am overweight and exhausted and have no strength, doing even one exercise is depressing to me and I don’t continue because I can’t see the gains fast enough.

Realizing that men lose weight quicker than women, my husband lost 15 pounds in under 2 weeks on the GAPS full introductory regime. Three months after the full introductory GAPS diet, I was back to eating “normal” food and had lost 25 pounds. On my body, this equated to over 14 inches and I was no longer carrying around the weight of a toddler!  Food became nourishing fuel for my body that I enjoyed for taste, not as a fulfillment of a yearning or physical craving.

There are advantages and disadvantages to every type of diet or food reform available. Success is personal, and many times it’s trial and error to find something that works for your lifestyle and personality.  I am NOT an extreme person or nor do I willingly enjoy exercise. The GAPS diet initially appealed to me because of my arthritis and its basics still appeal to me for that same reason; for sustainable weight loss using food, its principles help define food’s purpose for the body.

Reset Your Weight

My aim as an author and fellow past “dieter” is to give you permission to take what works from my well-researched principles for losing weight, making your reset as straightforward and easy to follow as possible.  I’ve taken time to analyze the GAPS diet, the low glycemic index, and other food regimes and found links and adaptations to why they work scientifically in the body. Want to know why I’m resetting a second time? You’ll have to read the book!

If you want a quick but healthy weight reset, then, yes, there are some “do this and eat that this way” foods for just a short period of time; check out What is a Reset Flush for more information.

I am a researcher and program developer at heart. I love it. Can’t stop making organizational charts and tables, planners, and writing all about it!  My upcoming book will give you a variety of tools for a weight loss reset, with essentials outlined and a platform to make it personal.

There is no “one size fits all” diet or weight loss program that will address every person’s body. This Reset is an extremely effective and healthy way to lose weight using food that has long-term effects.

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