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Hi, I'm Amanda

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Not too long ago, I was addicted to sugar and ate for comfort.  

While I have many positive attributes, when it came to food, I was very distracted (Oh look, a cookie…).  

Since I’m not really a “diet” type of person, I didn’t know what to change and so I seldom did anything for long enough to see any weight loss or habit changes.

A friend reset my weight years ago by tempting me with amazingly simple yet tasty prepared meals-buffet style. Then she introduced the GAPS Diet to the small group of us.

I took the bait and experienced the significance of a healthy gut microbiome for easy weight loss, cravings, better sleep, and balanced energy.

The GAPS diet showed me just how powerful the food we eat is on our health, weight, and emotional well being.  

Unfortunately, I wanted the same results… but with foods I enjoyed eating (with a slight overhaul on nutritional value). 

Read about my journey and why I had to reset my gut a year and a half later.

In most cultures and societies, food comes with plenty of choices.  Sometimes, those choices start to consume the consumer.  When that happens, weight gain is usually inevitable because craving food comes with an insatiable appetite that is hard to control or fulfill. (Read this post about why that happens).

The concept of using food to lose weight is not new. Countless blogs and books detail plans, menus, and recipes that target food.  Why?  Food is a basic necessity of life and we cannot not think about it every day. Or can we?

What my friend gave me was a way out-a free pass, to resetting my relationship with food using food.  All I cared about was losing weight, a craving I’d hungered after for years but was not capable of doing despite my best efforts.  She taught me that food can give me freedom as well.

Reset Your Weight started out as personal mission to learn how to lose weight using food, not exercise. 

Over a decade of evidence-based research into nutrition, psychology, and neuroscience (along with temptations, cooking failures, and exasperation) grew into a successful real food journey of being obsessed with life, not the weight of food. 

healthy eating, real food, carbohydrates, weight loss, gut health

I am a lover of all things food, but I am and advocate for any and all recipes/meal plans that use real ingredients.  

My basic foods that I enjoy on a weekly basis are more traditional: bone broth and cultured, fermented foods and drinks for a healed and healthy gut microbiome so that any food’s nutrients are properly digested, absorbed, and optimized like solid gold by your body.

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Inspiring Creative Minds

I'd like to thank Inspiring Creative Minds for joining me on the adventure. I've ghostwritten numerous things, both big and small, but to put my own name on it? That has taken plenty of encouragement from Jenn Harris! 

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