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AVanDeWege profile Reset Your WeightNot too long ago, I was addicted to sugar and ate for comfort.  While I have many positive attributes, when it came to food, I was very distracted (Oh look, a cookie…).  Since I’m not really a “diet” type of person, I didn’t know what to change and so I seldom did anything for long enough to see any weight loss.

A friend reset my weight four years ago.

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She loved to cook and bake, and everything she made-and I mean everything, was delicious.  Not only delicious, but it didn’t “stick” to her at all. Ever. She was pencil thin and looked so much younger than her actual age.

Did I mention she had previously lost 175 pounds, which was my starting weight?

I’ll be honest: I wanted to look just like her; I craved being a healthy thin person, not encumbered by excess weight that made daily living tiring.

That wasn’t always the case for her, though, and that’s why I blindly followed her when she introduced me to the GAPS diet.  In many ways, her story became mine because she knew just how real the struggle to control body weight and food choices was, especially for someone who loves food!

Too Many Choices

In most cultures and societies, food comes with plenty of choices.  Sometimes, those choices start to consume the consumer.  When that happens, weight gain is usually inevitable because craving food comes with an insatiable appetite that is hard to control or fulfill.

The concept of using food to lose weight is not new. Countless blogs and books detail plans, menus, and recipes that target food.  Why?  Food is a basic necessity of life and we cannot not think about it every day. Or can we?

What my friend gave me was a way out-a free pass, to resetting my relationship with food using food.  All I cared about was losing weight, a craving I’d hungered after for years but was not capable of doing despite my best efforts.

But it wasn’t her, really. It was food. Food reset my weight.

The Present

  • I eat anything I want.
  • No “special pantry” items that cost a fortune (even though they last a “long time”) that I have to substitute into recipes I’ve amassed or want to enjoy.
  • No accountability groups.
  • No counting calories or anything else.

It’s actually very simple.  So easy that when you’ve lost your desired weight or inches, friends will be forcing you to tell them how you reset your weight.  So go on and share!

Your Choice

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