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86 Easy Fermented How To’s

fermentation, fermented foods, beneficial bacteria, healthy, gut health, posted an excellent list of a large variety of fermented foods and drinks gleaned from many blogs and sites.  And, she even put links to each of the items so that you can make them at home!

The article is called, “85 Ways to Eat More Fermented Foods,” and includes these categories: drinks, veggies, sauerkraut, dairy, non-dairy, condiments, and other cool fermented things.   Fermenting carbs (veggies and such) is the best way to boost weight loss because with the addition of the beneficial bacteria, they really become a “super food” without the immediate ding to blood sugar levels.

probiotic drinks, weight loss, fermentation, beneficial bacteriaI’m pasting her Drinks list here because there is great variety in probiotic drinks that are easy to do in just a few days.  These drinks are an excellent way to introduce probiotics to your digestive system for weight loss and for starting to learn to ferment.

“1. How to Make Water Kefir from Delicious Obsessions

2. Lacto-Fermented Blueberry Soda from Fearless Eating

3. Cultured Strawberry Soda from Holistic Squid

4. Fermented Lemonade from Mind Body Oasis

5. How to Make a Ginger Bug from Nourished Kitchen

6. Fermented Orange Juice from Oh Lardy

7. Lacto-Fermented Fruit Kvass from The Elliot Homestead

8. Fermented Tea from Mind Body Oasis

9. How to Make Kombucha from Phoenix Helix

10. Peach Kombucha from Hollywood Homestead

11. Strawberry Kombucha from Hollywood Homestead

12. Apricot Kombucha from Hollywood Homestead

13. How to Ferment Your Nettle Harvest from Delicious Obsessions”


If you are a beginner to all of this, the easiest drinks to start making with common items are fermented orange drink, and kvass.  Water kefir is excellent, but you need to purchase “grains” first.  Kombucha takes about a month for a great ferment.

One recipe not listed here that is also easy to make is rejuvelac, which is made from the water of soaked grain.  This site gives a good overview and how to for making it.

Have you tried any of these recipes with success? Please share!