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20 Questions To Get To Know Me

My Life As a Writer

  1. I graduated with a dual major degree in 1999 from Houghton College in English and Writing with a minor in French and a concentration in Secondary Education.  I kept thinking, “What do you do besides teach with an English degree?” so that’s why I added Sec. Ed, but I never did a semester as a TA.  I actually really don’t like to teach.
  2. As a child, I wrote lots of stories.  The one I really remember was about a girl who lived in a city inside a ping pong ball.
  3. In college, I had the opportunity to have a children’s story published with a major agency but, in my youth, I didn’t pursue that like I would have done now!
  4. As a pre-teen, I worked at a bookstore in exchange for free books.  Where is that job now?!
  5. Writing fiction is not my strength. Trust me.
  6. After college, I didn’t read at all for like 15 years. Sad, I know.  The Francine Rivers’ Mark of the Lion Trilogy interrupted that streak.
  7. I am very picky about who and what I like to read. Mostly non-fiction and cognitive psychology. I’m a geek.
  8. I loved contracted, freelance writing online.  I didn’t have to be creative, just organized and precise with a high quality of executed work.  I liked the variety of jobs as well.
  9. My home life is first priority over writing.  I do have my writing desk in the middle of the open dining and kitchen area so that when the opportunity presents itself, I can jump online and write (like now).
  10. I have to rear in my “research tangents” often.  I have 5 binders filled with hand written notes taken from scholarly books on a variety of topics: cognitive psychology, vocational rehabilitation, disabilities, education, and the like.  I’m a lifelong learner.

My Life at Home

  1. I love having a large family.  We have 4 kiddos, ages 14 to 8, and we are a foster family for newborns and infants.  We have been foster parents for only 4 years, with mostly long term placements and short respite care for other babies already in another foster home. We will soon have a “non-biological” daughter.
  2. I absolutely love babies.  My husband makes fun of me, but he’s on this journey with me too so that means we are both crazy over little people!  I have been known to have 2 babies in our home at the same time, making our family even larger with 6 kids.  Little people are fun.
  3. Large families are awesome on so many levels.  Laundry? Not so much.
  4. We are kind of nomadic, but in decades not years.  We love to explore and change environments and have lived in many states.  No, we are not military!  Texas was my absolute favorite. I’m itching to move out West where the sky is big and I am small in comparison. I crave sunshine.
  5. I love the water.  I was born and lived on a sailboat for my first year.  I learned to float-swim at 6 months, which was a life saver because I frequently crawled overboard for the water 😉
  6. I absolutely adore my animals.  We have an Australian Shepherd with two different colored eyes that I call the nighttime and daytime eyes.  We have a free roaming, litter trained pedigree English Angora bunny whabbit.
  7. We are home improvement DIYers.  Because we have children so we can’t afford to hire anyone to make our house pretty. I am known to start multiple projects that require a “new tool” and my husband to finish the job because I get “stuck.”
  8. We have homeschooled all four of our kids for more than 9 years.  It works well for them and our family.  I take more of an administrative role in homeschooling, teaching the basics and then tailoring their education.  Yes, they are “socialized” plenty.
  9. We own and play a ton of board games. Our favorite for over a decade is Settlers of Catan and all the expansion packs.
  10. We would like to think of ourselves as homesteaders.  We preserve our food through canning and fermenting, love to cook new things and cook in bulk, but kill anything that should naturally grow in a garden. Sigh.

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