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Tired? Hangry? Moody? Always craving? Achy or sore? Poor sleeper? Bloated? Digestive issues? Stressed? Nutritional deficiencies? Genetic issues? Slow metabolism? Struggle with depression? Always sick? High cholesterol? Brain fog? Food allergies?

This doesn’t have to be part of your health + weight loss journey! Begin here to find the root of your struggles and for small changes that are worth their “weight.”​​

Small Steps Make Habits

Eat Well

Paleo. AIP. Whole30. Vegetarian. Keto.Mediterranean. Primal. Low Carb. Atkins. Raw Food. Vegan. Dunkan Diet. South Beach. Juicing. Detox. Elimination Diet. Alkaline Diet. Weight Watchers. Macrobiotic.

Regardless of how you choose to eat, build a strong, real food foundation based on gut healing foods + personalized nutrition.

Health + Happiness

A sustainable body weight is the result of a happy belly and a life brought into balance. Once your microbiome is healed and nourished, you will have your reward of a lean and healthy body with the habits and mindfulness to enjoy the journey.

Balanced Hormones + Real Food Lifestyle

Take back control from your food.

Without cravings, you’ll experience the awesomeness of eating to enjoy food without the fat and body weight leading to damaging health conditions.  You’ll be able to mindfully make choices and change any conflicting eating behaviors that will continue to negatively impact your weight and health.

A small steps approach to heal the underlying root issue for sustainable and effortless weight loss.

Are your cravings stemming from packaged foods? Read this post to understand that cravings connection.

But it all starts in the gut.  Sure, I can give you a plan to shed inches of fat quickly from your body.  The most significant aspect of that food plan will be your AH-HA moment of freedom from cravings and the real feelings of hunger.

It will Challenge you to rethink your relationship with food and my hope is that it will encourage you to see that a real food lifestyle is an easy way to eat to effortlessly maintain your optimal body weight.   Your success on the Challenge Reset is like the carrot (or carrot cake!) dangling on the stick: visual inches lost and probably a few pounds as well.

Think this quick loss will not stick around?  Probably not, if you go back to eating sugary and simple carbs.  Yup, you can’t get around that truth.   You must create a change in how your body uses food and that can still be done without cravings destroying your “willpower” or daily motivation.

Learn more about how your body uses carbohydrates for weight loss.

Interested in gaining some insight into “willpower” for eating healthier foods? Read about the mind games in this post.