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Reset Your Weight is an extension of years of evidence-based research and personal curiosity into using real food as the primary means to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.  Then, when you feel better, it becomes so much easier to slide in some High Interval Intensity Training (HITT) for even more benefits.

My journey started with the GAPS Diet and has led to a life of food freedom: freedom from (sugar) cravings, freedom from obsessing about what food to eat for a slimmer body, and a greater understanding of how the body and brain benefit from a balanced microbiome.

What are the Basics of Reset Your Weight?


That’s it. It’s that simple!  In combination, a real, minimally processed food lifestyle will:

  1. quickly stabilize your blood sugar,
  2. increase satiety, and
  3. provide the nutrients (and the ability to utilize them) that your body and brain need to eliminate (sugar and simple carb) cravings that dictate what you eat, and
  4. optimize brain health and improve emotional well being.

Take back control from your food.

Without cravings, you’ll experience the awesomeness of eating to enjoy food without the fat and body weight leading to damaging health conditions.  You’ll be able to mindfully make choices and change any conflicting eating behaviors that will continue to negatively impact your weight and health.

But it all starts in the gut.  Sure, I can give you a plan to shed inches of fat quickly from your body.  The most significant aspect of that food plan will be your AH-HA moment of freedom from cravings and the real feelings of hunger.

It will Challenge you to rethink your relationship with food and my hope is that it will encourage you to see that a real food lifestyle is an easy way to eat to effortlessly maintain your optimal body weight.   Your success on the Challenge Reset is like the carrot (or carrot cake!) dangling on the stick: visual inches lost and probably a few pounds as well.

Think this quick loss will not stick around?  Probably not, if you go back to eating sugary and simple carbs.  Yup, you can’t get around that truth.   You must create a change in how your body uses food and that can still be done without cravings destroying your “willpower” or daily motivation.

A healthy body weight and relationship with food starts in the gut.

Feed the gut foods that nourish the beneficial bacteria and cause them to multiply and starve out the sugar loving, fat producing pathogenic bacteria.  Once your personal gut microbiome is healed and repopulated, you will have your reward of a lean and healthy body.

I’m not going to lie to you and say that you will always enjoy the Lifestyle journey, but know that once you get there, it is done. There’s no constant “dieting” or continual unhealthy, obsessive focus on “watching what you eat.”  Your body’s metabolism and relationship with food has been reset!

Bring balance back into your life and reset your weight using food.

Experience the freedom that real, traditional foods can bring to not only your waistline, but also to your mind through the development of healthier eating habits as a lifestyle.


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